Pre-printed labels are great for products that are the same all the time, but they can’t do everything. A print and apply label applicator can help businesses quickly and easily apply custom labels to containers. These labels can be used for internal logistics, shipping, date coding, and legal compliance, among other things.

In other words, how do these machines fit into your work, and how can they help your business?

Working of a Label Applicator Printer

It prints the label and then sticks it on. Print and apply labelers are very similar to standard applicators in terms of how labels can be placed and how they can be applied.

This means that a print and apply machine doesn’t draw from an already printed roll of labels. Instead, the machine pulls blank or partially-printed labels through what’s called “the print engine.”

These machines can print at a high speed (always) to keep up with production lines. At Alpha coding Labeling, we have labelers that come with engines from three of the top industrial printer manufacturers: Sato, Zebra, and Datamax. This gives our customers a wide range of options for label size, printing speed, and reel size.

Usage of Print & Apply Labelers

It is important for businesses to use print and apply labelers because they are accurate, fast, and durable.

When you use these systems, the printer and the labeler work together, which helps to make sure that important information is always put in the same place each time you use them. If you have a print engine that’s made for assembly lines, it’s faster, more reliable, and easier to fix than a printer that’s on its own.

A print and apply machine can be used in many different ways:-

Shipping & Manifest System:    Each container needs a unique label for logistical systems to be able to track it. A print and apply labeler adds the right information to each box that goes through the system, whether it’s used for internal logistics or shipping, and it does this for both.

Coding:         As long as you can use pre-printed labels for most information, there are some things that have to be different for every one of your boxes. Adding a printer to the production process lets you put date codes, serial numbers, and other information on each container.

Pharmacy Labeling:          Each container needs its own label. Because mail-order businesses need to move a lot of products out the door, a manual label applicator might not be the best choice for them. Accuracy is important for the safety of customers, which makes an integrated machine a good choice.

Cross-Docking:       The sooner you can move packages from coming in to going out, the better. If you need to re-label a package for the next step in its journey, a print and apply labeler can help.

Speed of Print & Apply Applicator

If you’ve ever used a labelling system, you know that the true measure of speed comes from the length of the labels that are used to make them. By making the labels smaller, you can apply more labels in a given amount of time.

With print engines, you also have to think about dots per inch, or “dpi.” This is the number of dots that are used to print an image, like a picture on paper. Using a lower dpi speeds things up, but it makes the labels less clear and sharp.

At 609 DPI, a Sato S84-ex Series engine can reach a top speed of 6 inches per second. Printing at 203 dots per inch makes it faster to print. That’s using one third of the resolution to get about a 260 percent speed boost!

Bar codes, QR codes, and other labels that can be read by machines are usually clear at any size. However, there may be problems if the graphics are done outside of the labeler. That’s because the graphic is being a little bit bigger than it should be, which makes the spacing and borders look bad. Fortunately, the PLC and print engine can handle code generation right away, which means clear and functional prints.

Improving Efficiency & Labeling Rates

If you want to find a better way to label your things, contact CTM Labeling Systems. If you want, we can talk about what you need and put you in touch with a distributor in your area who can help you get a label applicator that fits your equipment and production needs.

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