Steel frame sheds and other buildings are growing in popularity on the Sunshine Coast. More now than ever before are builders, architects and construction experts embracing the benefits of building with steel, providing more options to business and homeowners alike looking to expand or further develop their properties. Indeed, steel frame sheds offer a number of unique benefits that other, more traditional buildings cannot offer.

Although the building limitations of steel are few, there are several instances where building with steel is the best option and which suits the robustness and durability of this building material. Here are three types of steel frame sheds.

Commercial Steel Frame Sheds 

One of the main benefits to using a steel frame for your commercial building is the flexibility that it provides. Steel is a strong and sturdy material, which makes it a great choice for a wide variety of business ventures. Some popular examples include storage units, transport depots, workshops and equipment stores.

As one of the stronger materials available to builders, steel offers an excellent alternative to wood or clay brick structures, which can often be unstable in certain weather conditions. In addition to this, steel frame sheds are also built with little internal bracing – meaning that they can offer large open areas ideal for even the most space-demanding types of business ventures.

Industrial Steel Frame Sheds 

If you are looking for an industrial steel frame shed, there are several considerations to take into account before construction can begin. Not only will the building need to be strong enough to resist any potential wear and tear or natural disasters, but it also needs to be able to match up with all of your internal equipment.

As buildings made from steel have no limit on span widths, this means that manufacturers are not limited by wall thicknesses when designing certain structures – meaning that they can offer huge open spaces without compromising on strength. This is because steel frame sheds are constructed with compression members that prevent collapse under their own weight. Steel frame sheds therefore require much less internal bracing than other types of buildings so as not to hinder the open space within the building.

Residential or Domestic Steel Frame Sheds

When it comes to choosing steel for your home, there are a number of reasons why this material is an appealing option. For one thing, steel can be treated with heat treating to improve its strength, further increasing the building’s lifespan. This means that you are less likely have to replace or repair your steel framed shed as time goes on – saving you money in the long run.

In addition to this, manufacturers also offer architects and builders the ability to choose between galvanised steel and powder-coated steel materials. With either option available offers excellent corrosion resistance properties against the elements – increasing the life expectancy of your building still further. Indeed, galvanised steel offers increased damp proofing properties not found in other materials such as clay brick structures.

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