Yes! I’m Getting Angry!

I do not expect piracy and illegal downloads of movies, videos, music, games and other media. And this article is not about that. My last breath is the second use of MP3 music in video production. It’s like creating a YouTube video and using your favorite CD as background music.

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Leave copyright and illegal use for a moment … we have a whole generation of Internet users who fully agree with this experience. The reason they talk about it in the forums is theYoutube To Mp3 Converter .

(1) This is easy to do

(2) No one will stop them.

Well, I’m sure these copyrighted media giants can’t control every little bit of illegal video use. But they are looking for wonderful places to serve.

I know of two lawsuits that the www YouTube giant is defending (maybe more), but they clearly state in the submission form that you MUST have copyright on everything you submit. There are many great MP3 songs that you can download. But hey … if you buy it in a store or listen to it on the radio … it’s not royalty free.

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This means that it is ILLEGAL to use it for your video. Start with some free cycles, free music videos, and then move on to some copyrighted “purchased” MP3 songs. When you think about watching a video online, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? We bet you just thought of YouTube! One of the biggest social platforms out there, YouTube prides itself on having more than 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide.

While many people think of YouTube as a platform to watch amazing videos, there is a large percentage of people who use it as their favorite music app. According to YouTube, music videos are most appreciated by viewers as they make up the majority of the 30 most viewed videos on YouTube.

People Listening To Mp3 Audios While apps like Spotify and Apple music dominate the music industry, YouTube has its own fan base. In fact, one of the most popular online searches in 2019 was “Youtube To MP4 Converter”, with an impressive 13.7 million hits. With so many people using YouTube as their main music app and looking for YouTube to MP3 converters to take their music offline, we decided to make a list of the best youtube to mp3 converters out there.


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