Moonstone jewelry supports the soul with the moon’s energies, which diffuses positivity and sanctity when worn in the form of jewelry. The allure in the shimmer, hues, and cut of this stone plays a crucial role in captivating the minds of buyers. This sone’s cloudy or pearly outlook promotes glow, thus facilitating strength and growth.

Have a Glance at The Features of Moonstone

Moonstone jewelry is the complete extract of spirituality and the way to peace, which are one of its praiseworthy features. But first, an individual needs to be sound of its physical features, which assures the overall appeal. This gem’s RI or refractive index is an important aspect, which makes it worth investing stone for your wholesale gemstone collection. Basically, it ranges from 1.520-1.525 on the index, facilitating shimmer and light when observed under the microscope. These feldspar layers are the purpose behind its blue shimmer and are almost close to the volume of light wavelength.

Well, the particular moonstone gravity lies 2.58 and is regarded somewhere pleasing in terms of durability, which ranges 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale. This actually refers to the hardness for daily wear and, of course, for important events. And when it comes to authentic sourcing, then Rananjay Exports hold the gaze. They provide high-quality stones from countries such as, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, and Myanmar most genuinely and perfectly.

Some Key Information to Ponder About Moonstone

Color –

Moonstone comes in a variety of hues such as white, peach, yellow, orange, and blue and looks more adorable in the form of a moonstone necklace. Their clarity ranges from transparent to semi-transparent. Indeed you couldn’t see the inclusions in each and every piece, but the gravity of blue will define its genuineness. The high-quality stones look a lot like glassy ones with multiple colors.

Clarity –

The basic and tinch of inclusions in moonstone jewelry gratifies clarity. As the worth of its quality and pricing is highly dependent on the inner inclusions and blue sheen.

Cut –

Moonmagic Jewelry

When it’s about the cut of this stone, the cabochon immediately catches the gaze. Undoubtedly, it enthuses the viewers through its catchy beads and other ways. In fact, the faceted can possibly evoke buyers’ minds and come out great in a moonstone ring. The plus point of selecting the cabochon is mainly due to its spectacular color game and shimmer. Moreover, the completeness in the cut provides a suitable light reflection, which is sufficient to invoke the interest of gem admirers.

Carat –

This aspect mainly depends on the requirements, specifically the carat weight and size of the stone. Therefore, retailers must definitely take some extensive interest in these given points, which can also change on the basis of astrology.

The Trending Saga of Moonstone

The affection towards the moonstone pendant is just more surreal than many other creations on the planet due to its physical and magical healing attributes. And that holds as one of the crucial reasons for its admiration from bohemians, hippies, and professional women. Well, every jewelry freak loves upscaling their wardrobe with this stone because of the colors, flashes, and versatility.

Its presence creates a huge difference, which is evident in the 925 sterling silver metal combination. If you are thinking about the safety of this stone, then sterling silver and rose quartz have the ability to gratify the features of moonstone jewelry. This alluring wonder looks attractive with the party of formal wear, both.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstone accounts for the maximum attraction in modern times because of these given reasons, which is apparent in different varieties of moonstone jewelry at Rananjay exports. They offer comfort and quality in their wholesale moonstone jewelry.

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