According to research, grandchildren who have a close emotional relationship with their grandmother are less likely to be depressed. Happily, grandmothers often show great love for their grandchildren, sometimes even more than their children and there are reasons why this is happening.

Lots of researchers investigated this and will now explain why so many grandmothers love their grandchildren so much.

Why Grandma gives more Love to Their Grandkids?

When you are a grandmother your important things change. Your kids have been raised and you don’t need to do another mile to help them with their health. Grandkids birthstone necklace can make her happy.

You also often have more time to spend with your grandchildren, as you are nearing retirement than when you were a parent or you may have retired. And you are using that time to teach your grandchildren what you know.

Unconditional love

As a grandmother, you will try to capture their full attention when you have them so that they will remember you. It is often easier for children to love their parents because they live with them and build a strong bond. However, parents can sometimes be very critical of their children, which can be frustrating for both parties.

In contrast, grandparents often do not blame their grandchildren for immorality, just as they do for their children. Grandmothers always try to benefit their grandchildren and are known for “wasting” on love and things, rather than being critical. You can gift a grandma necklace with grandkids birthstones which can bring a smile to your grandmother’s face.

When people become grandmothers, they can do things with their grandchildren who never had the opportunity to do it with their children. They can also analyze what they have done emotionally wrong with their children and do better with this new generation. They can show their love for their grandchildren without all the stress, responsibilities, and worries of parenthood.

Emotional support and guidance

Parents often have a responsibility to provide for their children with basic needs and education, so grandparents no longer have that role. Although the role of the grandmother is also important, they do not have the same responsibilities as the parents. Their role is largely focused on providing their grandchildren with emotional support and guidance.

In the end, relationships are different for all families, and sometimes, the power of grandparents can be difficult to navigate. Some studies indicate that grandparents who enroll in an outdated health regimen may harm their grandchildren. At the same time, multi-generational families have been on the rise for the past five years. Pew Research found about 20% of Americans living in a multi-generational family by 2021.

Having a grandparent involved in a child’s life, whether living with you, helping with child care, or going on vacation, can be an enjoyable experience. But you may face challenges, besides any feelings, you may have about your mother who has a better relationship with your child than you do.

Better understand

To better understand the biological foundations of this connection, Prof James Rilling, a biologist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His colleagues employed at least 50 women with one living grandchild between the ages of three and 12 and used active magnetic resonance imaging to capture their images.

When their grandchild smiles, they feel the baby’s joy. And when their grandchild cries, he or she feels the pain and stress of the child. When looking at pictures of that child, of the child’s parents, and pictures of the child and the unrelated adult.


Earlier Rilling did the same job for fathers as they looked at pictures of their children. The activation seen in grandma’s emotional processing centers, and in those associated with reward and motivation, was stronger, on average, than fathers – although there were fathers who were more active in these areas.

This may indicate that they were trying to understand their adult child mentally, rather than experiencing these direct emotional interactions. But emotional empathy is when you understand the level of thinking about how the other person is feeling and why,” Rilling said.

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