A proactive approach always serves you the best. So, why you shouldn’t be proactive with your online business presence? Choosing the right domain name and the best suitable extension can put you ahead of the competition even when you have just started the journey. Hence, you must look for a domain name that adds to the credibility of your website. According to the most accepted viewpoint concerning domain extension, .com is the best. However, we slightly differ from the perception. Here we shall be discussing the choice of the right domain name in detail.

Advantages of .com domain extension

Provided that .com is the domain extension that has been available since we have the Domain Name System (DNS). Here are some of the top reasons a cheap .com domain is still the best option.

  1. Buying a .com domain, the first and foremost advantage you would buy is the credibility of your brand. Thanks to the long history of .com domain extension, any brand’s domain name with a .com domain extension impart a sense of trust and credibility in customers’ minds.
  2. Search engines rank the websites concerning several factors such as content, domain authority, organic keywords placement, page loading speed, and others. However, as for domain extensions, .com is the best to give you SEO leverage.
  3. Compared to buying a ccTLD such as .pk or .com.pk, .com would be much easier concerning the procedure. It’s easier with the .com domain because you don’t have to comply with any strict restrictions or rules.
  4. A .com domain extension will suit you the best if you aim to grow your business in different world regions. The search engines will drive traffic from your target audience from all over the world.
  5. With a cheap .com domain extension, link building also becomes easier due to the credibility it facilitates your websites with. .com domain encourages other companies to link to your website.
  6. Last but not least, .com domain extensions help with branding as well. Hence, it’s always best to prefer the .com domain over the other domains.

Now that you are convinced that .com is the best option for you, here are some insights into getting the best domain for your business.

How to check the domain availability?

Once you have decided on your domain name, the next step is to find yourself a trusted and well-reputed domain name registrar for cheap domain registration. Then, you will enter your desired URL into the registrar’s domain name service, such as Navicososft.

The tool indicates if your desired web address is available, and if not, it will show you the other best options available to choose from.

How would I register the domain?

There are various ways to register a domain which solely depends upon the domain name registrar you have chosen and the hosting provider. So, you will have to discuss it further with your web domain and hosting provider.

How much would a domain extension cost?

Pricing is always a great concern, especially to entrepreneurs. The prices for different extensions are different depending upon the extension, your registrar, and contract length. Undoubtedly, .com is the best extension. Therefore, domain extensions such as .com and .net are slightly costly due to higher demand and crowded internet space. Hence, you may have to look for other available options, such as a ccTLD or any extension that depicts your brand.

Some handy tips for choosing the best suitable domain extension

As stated in the beginning, a proactive approach is always the best. Hence, we acquaint you with all the tips you need to register your domain name and domain extension.

  1. If the sky is the limit for your business, you must consider securing more than one domain extension. If you have cheap domain registration of multiple extensions, you can keep the scammers from driving away your organic traffic. Furthermore, in case of typos, your audience will still land on your website instead of leading them to the void. Furthermore, buying local websites will also help in boosting your website traffic.
  2. The most basic is choosing an extension that depicts your brand and business goal. If you haven’t reached a decisive conclusion even after contemplation, you can try conducting some competitor’s search. You have to search for at least five businesses operational in your niche and get the idea. Surely, it will help you decide if .com is the best or any other domain extension.
  3. Certainly, you may have to face issues regarding the availability of a .com domain. If so, you don’t need to worry; you can simply go for easy and catchy domain extensions that your viewers may remember.

Lastly, suppose you agree that .com is the best extension and you have already registered your domain name with a hosting provider, and it doesn’t seem to comply with the standard hosting services. In that case, you can also consider to go for transferring your existing domain to a new registrar.


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