About Japan and Its Education System

Nearly 5 million students study abroad annually and over 150,000 international students choose Japan for their higher studies. If you are planning for higher studies for your child then do consider Japan High School as you will get to know the endless benefits in this article as you read further. 

Japan High School Education

Japan is ranked in the top 10 countries for high-quality education and programs. Being one of the most high-tech countries in the world, International School in Japan is known for providing some awesome STEM and technology programs and students are taught to be diligent and prioritize education above all else.

Education is comparatively affordable in Japan compared to other developed countries and if your school has scholarship programs then nothing could get better than this.

Apart from core curriculum such as mathematics, science, art, foreign and Japanese language, Japan High School gives equal importance to extracurricular activities.

Need for a Better Education System in the 21st century

Education in the 21st-century is about gaining knowledge, opening the mind to multiple possibilities, imbibing life skills, learning the art of thinking critically, creatively, collaborating and communicating clearly with others in order to have a successful career and lead a happier personal life.

If you are thinking or interested in enrolling your child in Japan High School, you should definitely read this article to know how are International schools in Japan. It can be the best decision in terms of education investment for your child and it will also enhance your child’s personality leading to overall development.

Here are a few positive developments you can notice in your child once they begin their education in an International School in Japan


Students become risk-takers, face challenges, and are ready to adapt to new changes and innovations. They develop skills to work independently, cooperatively, explore new ideas and creative strategies. Students are prepared to be resourceful and resilient.

Art of Balancing

Students learn to live a balanced life. They understand the importance of balancing different aspects of life such as intellectual, physical and emotional to achieve overall well being. 

Learn to Care

Students learn to respect others’ views and show true empathy and compassion. International School in Japan teaches students to value others and the society they live in, in order to develop a commitment to service and to give back to society by bringing positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us.

Learn more than one Language

Students learn different languages and express themselves confidently in more than one language. Japan High School students collaborate on different projects with students from other countries, share perspectives and develop the ability to communicate effectively and accurately.


Students’ curiosity is nurtured so that they learn to inquire and research which help them to work independently with others and it develops a love for learning throughout life.

Use of Knowledge

Students learn to implement the practical use of conceptual understanding and knowledge in real life in order to find solutions for issues that have local and global significance.


Students learn to respect differences in opinions. They evaluate critically by being open-minded and learning to grow from the experience. 

Values and Principles

Students not only learn academics and skills but also the importance of values and principles. Japan High School students develop values like integrity, honesty, and justice which help them to be responsible for their actions and their consequences.


Students learn and understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving themselves to become a successful personality.


Students learn to use critical and creative thinking skills to analyse and make logical and ethical decisions. 


By now you would know that by enrolling your child in an International School in Japan there will be many positive changes in their personality along with academic benefits which will help in their career goals.

We live in a rapidly changing environment so children need a programme that teaches them to approach uncertainty with forethought and determination. A Japan High School prepares students for life by developing the following skills and attitudes that can help them life-long.


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