Are you afraid to use the pull option on the rummy? You may have noticed a few players who often use the release option, but as a student, you are not sure when to get out of the rummy game. Also, you may be wondering if quitting a rummy game is the right thing to do.

The rummy drop option may sound like losing a game or quitting, but sometimes quitting can be a wise decision you make as a rummy player. There is no doubt that rummy is a skill game where players use different tactics to defeat their rivals. One of the strategies players use to minimize potential losses in a rummy game is to use the extraction option. So, here is what you need to know about the dump option and if it is wise to stop the online rummy game.

What is Drop Option in Rummy?

If you play rummy games online, there may be situations where you may feel trapped and unable to move. Combining cards by hand in sequence with the required sets may seem impossible at times. Such situations can cause you to lose your self-confidence without looking at the skills you have acquired in previous indoor games.

The option to discard your rummy ticket is to deal with such situations wisely. If you had to choose between losing the game completely or minimizing your loss, you would no doubt choose the latter. This is where the drag option comes into effect. It is wise to stop the game in case you lose. You get a penalty depending on the first or average, but it’s better than losing the game with high scores.

You can use three types of drops while playing a rummy:

The first Drop

If you leave the game without performing any action, it is considered the first descent. The first autumn penalty is 20 points.

Middle Drop

If you leave the game after performing at least one action, it is considered a moderate drop. It faces a 40-point penalty for falling in the middle.

You missed three consecutive turns

If you miss three consecutive times in a rummy game, you will automatically be released from the game. You will face a 40-point penalty for such a fall.

Your directions to using Drop Option

Despite the penalty points, it is still wise to get out of the game sometimes, using the draw option. But how can you know when to stop? It’s very simple. Here are some factors to consider with regard to quitting to minimize losses.

Deal With the Weak Hand

Whether you play rummy on the Internet or offline, you may suffer from a weak or bad hand. Combining cards into sets and sequences is a big challenge with a bad hand. You can even try to create a pure sequence sometimes, and there is no point in even trying to create an impure sequence or set if you do not have a pure sequence.

In cases where you are treated with a weak hand, you should check to see if you can perform a clean sequence in one or two movements. If not, you can get out of the game instead of losing high scores. Depending on how bad the hand is, you should decide whether to go for the first or middle drops.

Important Cards Can Be Required

To win a rummy game, you need to reduce your score to zero. Even if you do not win, it is always best to have as many points in hand as you can. Therefore, you should continue to track your score while playing the game. As soon as the cards are processed, you calculate the score based on the value of each card you receive. Most of your card points have high value cards like 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, with 10 points each.

Keeping a high value card not included in a set or sequence will certainly break your game. In addition, having high value cards that can be added to any team will greatly increase points. The first step you must take is to get rid of high value cards in advance in order to reduce points in hand. However, if you can discard these cards at the beginning of the game, it is your sign to stop. A slight reduction will usually result in a moderate decrease and give you a penalty of 40 points, but it is better than getting 70 or 80 points for collecting cards in hand.

Difficulty in Making Pure Sequence

As per the rummy rules, you must have at least one pure sequence of verification. If you create a dirty sequence and set up but do not yet have a clean sequence, your score will be reduced to 80. Therefore, it is important to make a clear sequence at the beginning of the game. A group of three or more cards arranged in sequence, from the same suit, is called pure sequence. You can’t use a joke to create a pure sequence.


Sometimes, players find it difficult to get a third consecutive card to complete a sequence, even after multiple turns. In the early stages of the game, if you have trouble making a clear sequence, take it as a sign to stop playing with low points.

No Joker In Hand

Sometimes, you can succeed in pure sequence but you struggle to create more sets and sequences due to the lack of printed or uncontrolled humor. A printed joker and wild joker card carries zero points, and it is always beneficial to have a joker card in hand as you can use it to make dirty sequences or sets.

In case you do not have a joker on hand, check to see if it is still possible to make dirty sequences with sets of cards in hand. If you need a comic card to form such groups, play a few rounds and stop if you do not have a comic card.

Lack of Link Cards

After you have created the much-needed clean sequence, you try to create impure sequences and sets using a joker, if you have one. However, if you do not have a joker card in hand, you can look for a joker or connecting cards.


Connecting cards, also called intermediate cards, are cards with intermediate value as cards from 3s to 8s. Using these connecting cards, you can easily create the required sets and sequences. If you do not have jokes or connecting cards, it is wise to consider quitting.


When Should You Think About Discarding?

In the above cases, you can use the first or middle drop based on your cards. Medium reduction is often considered the most effective strategy. That you should go get a moderate discount based on your school at that time. For example, whenever you feel you should quit, always check your current score first. If your score at that time is above the average penalty point, you can go down to the middle drop without hesitation.


Checking your points regularly in the game and understanding your cards is important in deciding whether you should go get a fall. Now that you know the conditions in which you can choose to dump the online rummy option, without a doubt, you will notice improvements in your next game. Whenever you feel trapped in a game, analyze whether to play the other round or stop. Lastly, always remember that quitting a game is not the same as losing a rummy game.



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