World Markets is one of the few digital exchanges that facilitate transactions in physical gold and silver bullion for sale; this is essential to trading cryptocurrencies that are backed with physical gold and silver bullion.

World Markets leverages the blockchain to trade precious metals. World Markets is founded in Asia, where gold-backed crypto assets that can be used to convert wealth into crypto and vice versa will be widely embraced by the public. It provides real-time live spot trading of precious metals including silver and gold bullion in 10 countries of which 9 are based in Asia. The company also makes its own cryptocurrency, WMT. It uses Blockchain technology to digitize physical precious metals such as Gold and Silver bullion which enables the use of real-time trading with live spot prices across the globe. World Markets will then create a Digital e-commerce Platform with an Artificial Intelligence-powered Virtual Assistant for customers in South East Asia.

World Markets, one of the leading companies in the business of financial trading, has been established to provide an excellent investment opportunity for all investors no matter their level of expertise. The company strives to make every client’s life easier and help him or she achieve financial freedom. World Markets offers products for both retail and professional investors. For example, there are indexed stock funds for the retail investor, and the professional can choose a mutual fund for his specific needs. There is no wrong choice about which option to go with.

Minimum Deposit

We offer a minimum deposit of only $2500, which can be funded with a variety of convenient options: bank transfer, check or cash. Our traders engage in over 15 million trades per month on our platform, making World Markets the biggest online trading community in the world. With more than 50 different order types, sophisticated market and limit orders, and deep liquidity.


Leverage is the use of financial instruments or borrowed capital to increase investment returns. The most common forms of leverage are bank loans and margin accounts. In terms of trading, leverage has the potential to increase both profits and losses. The leverage available on a particular instrument depends on the instrument itself. The leverage is given in the description of the instrument.


World Markets announced that their spread started from 0.1% per trade and they would charge 0.1 per trade on both sides of the trade. It gives an opportunity to those traders who can not afford to pay 1 plus spreads.


World Markets, Inc. offers a great selection of products. Our online trading platform is provided through a network of global partners and affiliates, including major FX, major cryptocurrency, gold, silver and precious metals/commodities. We offer unique products to our traders that have no counterparty risk and can be used as hedging instruments and/or financial insurance.

Final Words

The Traders Union is a professional association of traders that provides its members with the best possible conditions for trading on the Forex market. The union’s main goal is to help traders make the most out of their activity and to protect them from broker fraud and unreliable services. In order to fulfil this goal, the union conducts independent and unbiased testing of the services that brokers offer. The union’s experts have carefully analyzed and objectively evaluated the performance of Forex brokers, which are included in our Rating List.

This year, World Markets has been occupying the last position on our list of recommended Forex brokers. In this regard, we have carried out a detailed analysis of all the reviews left by traders on some authoritative websites. The outcome is less than inspiring

In its regular monitoring of the forex market, the Traders Union has found that the company World Markets has occupied the lowest position on our Rating List for a long time. The performance of this company’s customers is negative more often than positive and there are frequent complaints about hidden costs, high spreads and other unjustified charges. Our analysts have also found numerous complaints about non-payment of withdrawal requests, which the company’s representatives do not acknowledge.

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