There are many people with advanced liver and bile duct illness who have had the option to receive a transplant. If their diseased or damaged livers cannot regenerate anymore, they may require a replacement from an outside source in order for them survive better than before and live out lives being healthy again! Max Healthcare carries out various types of liver surgery all over India so that patients’ lifes can improve greatly after receiving this life saving procedure

Bile Duct Surgeries aim at improving survival rates but quality too.

What are the Causes of Liver Failure?

When the liver is damaged beyond repair, it must be replaced with a new one. A transplant can cure infant and adult patients who have long-term illnesses as well as those that suffer from primary tumors or systemic disorders.

Functions of Liver

Digestion of fats

The gallbladder is a small organ that stores bile for releasing into the gut in order to aid digestion and absorption of fats, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D K E), when it’s not being used by itself. It also helps remove cholesterol from your body as well as some hazardous compounds through this process called cholestasis where yellowgreen pigments are produced during liver damage; these colors give stool its distinctive appearance which you may notice at times if there isn’t enough healthy pigment production going on already!

Production of protein

The liver is a major organ in the human body, regulating amino acid and protein metabolism. It produces albumin which helps maintain blood volume by transporting various substances through our veins including hormones vitamins enzymes metals ions etc…

Toxic waste removal

The liver is a major player in the body’s fight against toxins. It filters blood and eliminates any unwanted substances transferred to the kidney, such as alcohol or drugs which can damage it over time if they’re not filtered out quickly enough by this protective organ.

Types of Liver Transplant 

Live donor transplant 

A live donor transplant is a procedure where the individual offers their liver for donation. During surgery, surgeons remove one of two lobes from the body and then return it to its rightful owner; this process ensures that those in need can have better access to medical care while simultaneously saving lives through life-saving transplants like kidney or heart operations which require living donors because there’s no other way they could be performed on site without sacrificing time (and thus success rates). Max Healthcare has been considered among India’s best at performing these types sacrifices as well: before releasing any patients after donating an organ – whether you’re getting back your original livers if 18 years old with appropriate organs available ,or receiving.

Split type of liver transplant

A divided donation is the transplantation of a liver from recently deceased person to two recipients. If they are an adult and child, this can happen because it’s been shown that larger livers go to adults while left lobes get smaller ones for children in need – essentially splitting up your loved one’s organs so you don’t have too much going on at once!

Orthotopic Transplant 

An orthotopic liver transplant is the most common type of liver. It’s when a recently dead donor has agreed to donate their organs before death and there are no infectious diseases involved in this process, which makes it an excellent option for those needing help with life-threatening conditions or injuries

Cost of Liver Transplant in India

The liver transplant cost in India is generally less than the equivalent treatment and care that you can receive from hospitals in developed countries. On average, it’s somewhere between INR 20 lakh – 30 Lakhs; but this price range varies significantly based on various factors like location as well as type/quality facility chosen for surgery.


Hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis are all disorders that can damage the liver’s health. As a result if you get symptoms like pain in your upper right part or yellow discoloration of skin/eyes then it is time to see an doctor immediately because these could be signs for some other more serious diseases as well! To talk about transplantation contact Max Healthcare – they offer successful surgeries India wide at affordable prices so don’t hesitate anymore call them now.

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