All companies aim to drive maximum traffic to their site through search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Hence it is the only reason why they head to hire experts that offer SEO services in India. In a seamless world, you can set any website on similar elements and topics. Search engines need to understand which decides which websites to list and which to eradicate. 

Some of the SEO ranking factors

SEO plays a crucial role, and it must be done to grab maximum traffic to the site. No doubt, there are hundreds of ranking factors, but SEO agency India follows only a few of them mentioned here.

Content- Without a doubt, one can say that content rules the digital world, and it is genuinely authentic when it comes to SEO. At the basic level, search engines look forward to matching users with relevant content as per their queries. One of the significant reasons why Wikipedia articles often top the list is that they are comprehensive and trustworthy at the same time. Experts that offer seo services in India say that search engines often look for content on the page and its uniqueness and use some algorithms to understand if the content holds some relevance for the end-user or not. All we say is content is a fundamental building block to drive organic traffic to any site.

User experience- You might have great content, but if you offer a poor background, then your users won’t visit your site ever again. It is something that search engines try and avoid all the time, and thus they choose to rank sites that have a fantastic user experience. User experience mainly depends on seamless navigation and speed. The target audience must be able to seamlessly consume the given content and navigate it through the site. It has become quite vital as mobile devices are increasingly common and now make the most of the web traffic. 

Technical SEO- There is a type of overlap with technical ranking factors and user experience. It includes best practices under web development to enhance page speed and metadata optimization besides considering the web architecture. For instance, meta optimizations can improve click rates on various search result pages enhance image ranking.

User feedback metrics- Search engines tend to depend on behavioral data users tend to leave some clues when they search for content. This includes click rates for any query or if a patron clicks on the back button in no time after clicking on the results. These ranking factors aren’t quite transparent, and web experts need to rely on subtle clues from the search engines or feedback from search engine experts and employees.

As per experts at SEO agency India, it is vital to note that this ranking signal has been abused in the past, but that’s not the case anymore. Now, the experts make the most of the algorithms. You need to ensure that these experts understand the integrity of search results. They are also required to promise great backlinks.

Conclusion: SEO can be considered as a marathon which takes its own pace to succeed. It cannot be treated as a 100 m run. This means SEO is slow and steady, but If done it correctly it can really help in transforming an the business’s social presence in the best way possible. 


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