There are many types of packaging to preserve products temporarily. However, the manufacturers always show interest in finding the easiest way to store, handle and transport them. In addition, the packages also protect the content, provide information on it. It indicate whether it should be moved with greater safety or care.

Packaging or packaging in a store is a differentiating point that can attract customers and encourage sales. Some are thought out in detail and take care of the design, thinking about the corporate identity they can convey. During the sales and distribution process, you can make a difference by paying attention to this aspect.

Differences in types of packaging

Packaging can be of numerous types. More interestingly, packaging also plays a critical role in branding and promotions. With that, different industries use different styles of packaging. Every industry has its requirements related to packaging. Additionally, new industries like the CBD and hemp industry have established themselves. In such a way that they need dedicated packaging solutions. Therefore, we can easily find many packaging firms that work only for hemp boxes, marijuana boxes in usa, or other CBD product boxes.

Overall, the experts have divided packaging into three different types. Let us discuss them briefly!

Primary Packaging

It is the one that protects the product directly. For example, the typical takeaway coffee glasses.

This type of packaging must be attractive and functional because it is expose directly to the public. If the product has attractive packaging, the chances that they will want to continue consuming it increases. On many occasions, packaging motivates a consumer to purchase a product.

You can say that it is the true packaging of a product. It is the container in which, for example, a drink is found. This packaging directly protects the product. In any type of e-commerce, it is essential to take care of this packaging. The reason is that it is very attractive since it may receive by a customer.

The primary packaging is a bottle, a plastic container, cardboard, glass, or a plastic bag. If this type of container is reusable. It should be properly designed so that customers can promote your brand on subsequent reuse.

Secondary Packaging

Boxes containing one or more products are also a great example. This type of packaging, in addition to facilitating the transfer of a product. It is also used to offer it to consumers. In some supermarkets and department stores, you can find products on a pallet so that you can serve yourself.

This type of packaging is sometimes as surprising as primary packaging. Lately, you can find boxes of bottles of gins, vodkas, or wines with very careful designs. And it can with a more promising primary packaging if possible.

On this occasion, the purpose of the container is to create a loading unit. That is able to move and reserve the product. An example of secondary packaging is cargo boxes for transport or storage. Corrugated cardboard or folding boxes are also located in this type of packaging.

Normally, the secondary packaging contains the primary one, acting as reinforcement, containment, and protection when handling the merchandise. This packaging may also use to offer users the product.

Tertiary Packaging

It corresponds to the first image you remember when you think of a cardboard box. A large box that contains a large quantity of a product. It may kept in a warehouse until it can be sold or moved.

The purpose of this container is to transport and protect the goods to guarantee. They arrive at their destination in perfect condition. In despite having had to go through several processes.

This packaging is usually make of strong and hard cardboard to prevent break of the continent.

Tertiary packaging encompasses the other two types of packaging. The container is responsible for supporting and grouping the secondary packaging avoiding damage during transport, storage, and load handling. It is a large box that contains small boxes. Inside with various amounts of products that must be stored until they are sold.

The material of this packaging must be very resistant, for this reason, corrugated cardboard is used. Which you can find in different thicknesses, or wooden boxes or containers. Tertiary packaging is also considered to be pallets, plastic film, corner pieces. All the elements that facilitate maintaining a unitary load structure to store or transport products.

Main functions of the different types of packaging

Depending on the type of product that is packaged. We have already seen that we can classify CBD packaging UK into primary, secondary, and tertiary. Among its main functions, the following can highlight:


They ensure the product that is inside a container. In other words, they protect it so that it can handle easily and efficiently by offering useful information about the best way. In which it can be transport during the distribution process.


It is something additional and aims to retain customers and attract more sales. It is essential in electronic commerce. Since it allows customizing orders and increases customer satisfaction when they receive a package in perfect condition.

As you have seen, it is essential to pay attention to the design and shape. Packaging of your products so that customers receive them in the best conditions.


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