Don’t ask yourself too many questions anymore because I have good news for you: “I have 4 tips that will allow you to become a web developer without paying for training “.

Doesn’t that interest you? If it was me, I would say YESIIIIII that interests me.

If you’re not intereste, read this article and come back here after: Can you really become a good programmer on your own without going to college?

And to start, we must already tell ourselves that being a developer is above all having time available, to be motivated, focus, and loving challenges.

And why love challenges?

Quite simply because you will constantly be brought to solve such as for example the creation of a complex interface which will require you a lot of methodologies and reflections.

You must already train yourself on the web. First, it would therefore be necessary to follow Mathieu Nebra’s courses on in which he explains in a simple and organize way how the web works in general.

Otherwise, there are thousands of resources on the Internet that will help you better understand the web in order to begin your programming learning.

Now let’s see these 4 tips to become a web developer without spending banknotes to train.

1. Become a web developer: learn the languages ​​of web development

Now is the time to learn your first language. I advise you to start by learning the client language.

To be clear on what a client language is, it is quite simply a language that does not require the intervention of a server to function.

In other words, you can develop locally at home and view the tests on your computer.

What I recommend you then is to start with the HTML which will be in a way the content of your site and the CSS which will be for the formatting of your site, by saying for example such and such a button will be in red or that image will have such length and width.

Then I recommend PHP which is a server language. Thus, it allows you to create a site that will be generate by a server at each user request. To give you an example, take a look at the image below:

server language operation

When you connect to a site, Facebook for example, your data is verified, so your username and password, then the server returns either a positive or a negative opinion.

So a positive opinion if you entered the correct username and password, and a negative opinion if you entered a false username.

There are dozens of languages ​​capable of doing the same thing as PHP. But it is much more widespread and it is much easier to solve development problems because the forums very often give you the solutions to your problems.

Languages in Web Development

To recap, you know HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, but that’s not all to become a good web developer.

You need to learn yet another language that will energize your web pages: JavaScript. Do not confuse JavaScript with Java because they are two very different languages.

Other than Manual Development You can also make a website from a company. Web Development in Lahore is a Leading Company for this purpose, You can also avail this opportunity for an in-Time Project.

2. Familiarize yourself with MySQL

You will imperatively create your first database with MySQL which is structure in the form of tables and which therefore allows you to store lots of information of different types.

And you can with PHP, create data, update it, delete it or read it to display it to your user.

Why only learn about MySQL when there are other database management systems out there?

To be clear about this question, I will say, because MySQL is free and open-source, it is probably the best known and most use DBMS on the web.

You must therefore choose the DBMS that you are going to use to store the data. I recommend that you work with free and open-source DBMSs, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite instead.

After all, it’s all about taste and the features you are looking for. MySQL is a good compromise.

3. Use frameworks and libraries

Here, I show you different libraries and frameworks that exist and that make the life of a web developer easier.

A library or Framework is a library of scripts whose sole purpose is to simplify the life of a developer . So you can save a lot more time for the creation of your projects.

Here are some frameworks you will need:

  • Bootstrap : is a CSS framework that allows you to format your web pages and make a website responsive design. It is arguably the most used CSS framework and I use it on this site as well.
  • Laravel : PHP framework developed in June 2011 by Taylor Otwell. We note that in 2016, Laravel became the highest rated PHP project on GitHub. It’s simple fast and there is a good community behind
  • Code Igniter : PHP framework
  • Atomik : PHP framework

You can discover the Top 5 most used PHP frameworks to know the trends that exist in the use of frameworks.

But however, you should not make these tools your priority when you are new to programming because there are advantages and disadvantages of using frameworks.

4. Develop your own web projects

You have applied the 3 previous tips and all that remains is to implement them by creating your own web projects.

This tip is very important especially when you want to make yourself known and show the world what you can do.

Becoming a web developer involves taking the time to develop your own projects and present them to the people who will be interest.

This will help you bond and find clients that you will serve. Who says service says money.

So you can become your own boss right now.

The good thing about the internet is that you can start from scratch and build something as a source of income.

In my case, this website is part of my portfolio and proves that I am capable of designing websites.

I hope that with these 4 tips, you will soon become a web developer capable of solving all the problems related to the web. If so, then tell me in the comments if these 4 tips were useful to you.


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