Every home has a story to tell. When you bring together different pieces with distinctive designs, styles and colours, you don’t just create interiors but a place you call home. This new year, you must give your home a revamp it deserves. Put together home decoration items that bring a plush air of charm and beauty to the room. So, a new year calls for a new look for your home. Here we bring you the top home decor items that you should have in your home in 2022. So, let’s dive in!

Accent furniture

Accent furniture increases the decor quotient of your home. From accent tables to ottomans, accent furniture alleviates the vibe of the room. It brings a sense of grace and elegance to any living space. It makes the place look chic and suave. You need to choose accent furniture that complements the other home decoration items in your room. Try to follow the design and colour pattern as that of the entire room. Buying something that doesn’t align well with the aesthetics, will make the room look absurd. So, the first and the foremost thing that you need at home this 2022 is accent furniture. 

Wall mirrors

Dazzle up your room with striking wall mirrors. A lot of trusted brands offer wall mirrors in India online. Wall mirrors make the room sway with charm and oomph, bringing life to your dull walls. Dekor Company is one of the few websites offering exquisite wall mirrors in India that can surely make your room shine in front of your guests. Determine the wall you want to hang the wall mirror on and measure it carefully. Then select a suitable wall mirror online for it. When choosing the right wall mirror in India, never be scared to go big. 

Canvas art

Next on the list, this 2022 is canvas art and wall paintings. Buy paintings online in India and let your home be artsy and exuberant. Oozing energy and vibrance in every detail, wall paintings give your walls the attention it deserves. Many websites offer you to buy paintings online in India, making sure every home gets a gift of stunning interiors. Choose canvas art that suits your decor, that is, for a contemporary style home, choose a modern painting. While for vintage homes, opt for classic paintings.

Wall clocks

Another way to bring a timeless appeal to your walls is through wall clocks. Wall clocks are home decoration items that serve the dual purpose of functionality and aesthetics. They not only help reading time but also bring an alluring style to your walls. You will get a variety of options in wall clocks from modern to vintage and Arabic to Roman numbering. Select one according to the ambience of your room. Choose a vintage-style extravagant wall clock for retro interiors and a sleek and modern clock for contemporary home decor. 

Flower vases

Splendid home decor is attained when you pay attention to every detail. When you have brought enough charm and class to the walls, now comes the tables and consoles. Complement your accent tables, side tables and table consoles with flower vases. You can get either a ceramic or glass flower vase in suitable colours for your room. You can style these flower vases either solitary or with flowers. We assure you that both styles look equally stunning. 

Classy lamps

Let your room steal the spotlight with classy lamps that illuminate every corner with elegance. Lamps serve as both illuminating equipment in the room and a home decoration item. They let no corner be left dull with dazzling lights and charming hues. You can buy a table lamp to be kept on your side table or table console. Another option in lamps is floor lamps. Floor lamps serve best in rooms that are designed in a vintage style with royalty and grandeur. While for a modern style home, table lamps are a better option. Don’t give it so much thought as lamps are one of the very few home decoration items that can never go wrong!


Feel feathers under your feet with rugs that wear glam. Rugs are the home decoration items that add value and charm to your floors. They bring splashing colours to the room. No interior can be complete without a classy rug. Featuring bold strokes that match and blend well to the colour palette of your room, rugs speak royalty in every touch. They mark luxury and class, giving a rich feeling at first glance to anyone coming to your home. You can place a rug before your sofa set or under the lounge chair. Also, rugs are not just limited to living rooms, you can also place one in the hallway or dining room. 

So, these were some home decoration items that you must have in your home this 2022. If you wish to buy exquisite designs in striking colours that make a statement, you can check out Dekor Company’s website

As the new year arrives, it’s time for your old home to be new! Hope you found this blog helpful.


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