Are you planning to design your business website? Have you thought of all the essential elements you need in your website? If yes, then you must be aware of the latest web design trends by now.

Designing a unique website is not rocket science. It just takes creativity, innovative ideas, web design inspiration, and a set of required tools to make your website stand out. However, there are high chances of making some common mistakes when designing a perfect website.

Yes, you read that right. Even many reputed brands make some common mistakes when designing their business website. Not to mention, these common mistakes should be avoided to create a long-lasting impression on the visitors.

As you are planning to design your business website, it is important to have a clear idea of the top 10 web design mistakes that are way too common to happen. So, are you ready to know the possible common mistakes?

The top 10 common web design mistakes:

1. Not being real to your identity:

The most common mistake concerning web design trends is not being true to your real identity. Many brands create an unrealistic perception of their identity to impress the visitors.

Undoubtedly, it is fun to play with creativity; however, moving away from reality should never be the choice. It is recommended to stay real to your identity to maintain the visitors’ loyalty.

2. Bad quality visuals:

Visuals either make or break your website’s reputation. Images, videos, infographics, etc., help make the website engaging and attractive. However, nothing turns down the customer’s interest more than using bad-quality visuals on the website.

Using poor quality visuals with poor connectivity is one of the many mistakes made in web designing.

3. Congested designing:

It is good to provide all relevant and required information to the visitors, but over-doing the design is a complete no-no. Congesting the website design by putting too much content is another website design mistake many brands make.

To deliver the best user experience, a website should be as straightforward as possible.

4. Using too much content:

When designing a website, always remember that it isn’t an advertising platform. Using too much or irrelevant content on the website is one of the common mistakes made during web designing.

Your website should offer just the right amount of content to retain and attract visitors. You can consult web design inspiration ideas to better understand the idea.

5. Inappropriate color combination:

Along with the relevancy of content, it is equally important to pay attention to appropriate color combinations on the website. Using inappropriate color combinations can turn down the customer’s interest.

Moreover, it also makes your website look flashy and the content unreadable. Overall, it leaves a bad impression on the visitors.

6. Unresponsiveness:

Does your website take too long to complete an action? Do your visitors have to wait for long hours to get the required information or navigate to the desired page? If yes, then you are making the mistake of relying on an unresponsive website.

An unresponsive website is one of the biggest reasons for the high bounce rate for business websites.

7. Illogical flow:

Your website should be designed in a logical flow. All the information should be aligned properly so that the visitors can easily get what they are searching for. Avoid making the common mistake of using too many internal links to your website that brings no appropriate value, just to follow the web design trends.

8. No call-to-action button:

Not using respective call-to-action buttons on your website is another common web design mistake made. It is similar to attracting visitors to the website but not providing them with the means to take required actions.

Also, your customers or visitors will have difficulty reaching your website without an aligned call-to-action button.

9. Poor navigation:

It is important to have a proper navigation option on your website. One of the common web design trends is to assist the visitors by helping them with proper and detailed navigation guidance.

If you are not focusing on navigation, you are making a big mistake while designing your business website.

10. Missing the attention to detail:

You have all the essential aspects and visions for designing your business website, but you will surely be in trouble if you lack attention to detail. Your users will identify even the slightest mistake within no time. Thus, it is important to pay attention to every required design detail.


Using the common web design trends when designing a website, it is possible to make these common mistakes. However, having a clear idea of these common web design mistakes is a big advantage to save your time, efforts, and, most importantly, your brand’s reputation.

It is recommended to checklist all these common mistakes to design an impressive and classy website. If you have any more doubts, do reach us in the comment section.

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