Cancer used to be a disease that would kill you, but nowadays it is possible for people with cancer and even their friends’ family members to live normal lives. The mortality rate has decreased dramatically in recent years because of better treatments available now than there was before; chemotherapy drugs among other medications have made all this progress possible by killing off cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue through apoptosis (a natural process).

But in modern times, alternative medicine has been brought up to treat cancer. We wanted to know about the many trending and effective alternatives for treating this deadly disease; especially how oncologists feel about them? One specialist from Mumbai walked us through their thoughts when they’re new at an old topic: “I’ve seen many patients come here after being diagnosed with lung or breast cancers. With more research happening every day – will there ever be a cure?! Who knows.

One should know the cause of cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening situation that can be caused by many factors. One of the most common causes for cancerous cells to grow uncontrollably and spread throughout your body are genetic mutations in the cell, which instructs it to divide more rapidly than normal healthy cells do when they’re not being replicated at an excessive rate due to t genetic alterations such as obesity or unhealthy eating habits–this creates new abnormal tumor types with these same traits causing them also become genetically altered from their neighbors on either end (gene pool). Some people may be born into families afflicted w/ this mutation while others develop through environmental exposure so there’s no way even.

There are many other factors that can lead to cancer, some of which include smoking and alcohol consumption. Gene mutation is also a contributing factor in developing this disease-causing condition if it has not been addressed before symptoms arise or when one notices small changes such as hair loss and thinner skin tone for example might occur at an early stage during diagnosis so you should be aware! These external forces have adverse impacts on your body’s natural defenses against harmful substances like viruses causing increased inflammation throughout the entire system.

The average cost for cancer treatments in India

Treatment in India is both cheaper and of a higher quality than in other countries. The cost for treatment in a cancer hospital in Mumbai can range anywhere between Rs 1-50 lakh, depending on the severity of your condition and where you go to get it done. In other western countries, that same medical procedure would probably run at least 3x as much! Additionally, we offer many types of cancer treatments programs so no matter what type or stage your condition may be -we’ve got something perfect just waiting for YOU!. There are also plenty of facilities provided by our government which enhance patient comfort during their stay here. So  It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor because they provide equally affordable treatment that costs less than half as much in some cases! Plus with an amazing variety of programs tailored specifically towards your needs, there is something perfect waiting at just the right price point – all without skimping on quality either.


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