The fantastic workout for carpet scotch guarding, which is a patented stain and liquid repellent for fixtures, upholstery, and carpets, starts with a smooth carpet. If you observe Scotch protect over a grimy carpet, you may lock the stains in. If your carpet is new, take a look at your paperwork due to the reality many new carpets regularly include the protectant already carried out.

For dirty carpets, thoroughly vacuum them to eliminate deep-down dust and debris. Next, steam-smooth them with an rental system, following the commands for blending the detergent with water inside the box.


•             When you use an excessive amount of detergent — in this example, a lot much less is more — it leaves a residue on the carpet that really does the alternative: It attracts dust and stains.

•             Make sure which you extract the more water from the carpet with the steam cleaner through going once more over the wiped clean place with the machine to elevate the dirty water from the carpet.

•             Test the moisture content material cloth in the carpet via making use of a paper towel to it, urgent it into the carpet fibers. If the paper towel does not pick out up any moisture, the carpet is prepared for carpet scotch guarding in Melbourne.

•             Test the carpet interior a closet location to verify that the Scotch guard remedy might not fade or alternate the carpet’s colour.

Applying Scotch defend

While you can get spray-can versions of carpet scotch guarding to cope with area rugs using this protectant, the liquid listen is more cost-effective for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Scotch shield pay attention, at the same time as combined with water, presents awesome coverage primarily based totally on the type of carpet you have got got. You get the most coverage — fifty three rectangular ft consistent with just over 1 / 4-gallon of the combined liquid — on the following:

•             Carpets with a pile top of 5/16 inch or less.

•             Plush carpets with short naps no extra than three/eight inch tall.

•             Pile weights from 22 to 36 oz.. In retaining with rectangular yard of carpet.

For carpets with thick and tall piles, you essentially get half of of the insurance of quick-pile carpets.

Sprayer Type

For small vicinity spraying together with on a place rug, all you can want are the spray cans that incorporate the protectant, however for massive regions or wall-to-wall carpeting, you’ll need a pressurized garden and lawn tank sprayer. Tank sprayers normally have from 1- to two-gallon tanks and a spray wand attachment with a manual hand pump to pressurize the tank. To assure safety, you may pick out up a present day garden and garden sprayer designed for herbicides and fertilizers at your nearby hardware or domestic development preserve and devote it for inner carpet protectant use only.

Things You Will Need

•             Sprayer with tank

•             Warm water

•             Large measuring cup

•             Large bucket

•             Concentrated Scotch protect

•             Funnel

•             Tape diploma

•             Carpet rake


  1. Mix 1 part liquid be aware of four elements of heat water in a big container, primarily based at the tank length of the sprayer used. If you’ve got got a gallon sprayer, as an example, pour in 25.6 oz. Of pay attention and 102.Four oz. Of water to make 1 gallon, or 128 ounces., of Scotch defend.
  2. Insert the funnel into the sprayer tank after eliminating its lid. Pour the mixture into the funnel until the tank is complete.
  3. Measure off a segment of the carpeting that matches the quantity in the tank. For instance, on low-pile or industrial carpets you may anticipate approximately  hundred rectangular toes of coverage with 1 gallon of diluted carpet scotch guarding and insurance of a hundred square feet in a high priced or shag carpet with tall pile.
  4. Hold the sprayer wand 12 inches above the carpet. Spray the measured place, strolling in rows the width of the spray pattern, overlapping the preceding row through half of the width of the spray to make certain even insurance. Apply the liquid in even, overlapping moves running from one factor to the opposite.
  5. Rake plush or shag carpets after software program to paintings the protectant into the fibers.
  6. Allow the carpet to dry for six to 12 hours in advance than putting furniture decrease again and walking on it. The Scotch shield may soak up to 4 days earlier than the chemical materials create a very good bond with the carpet to permit most protection.


To get the greatest consequences, use a carpet scotch guarding answer every time you steam-clean your carpet.

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