The traditional method of house cleaning is not so perfect as it leaves harmful allergens, pollens, dust mites etc. on the surface. These things are not visible to our naked eye, so we cannot clean perfectly. The best way to clean a house more perfectly is to use a vacuum cleaner that sucks dirt, dust, pet dander, dust mites and more. If you are out in the market to buy the best vacuum cleaner in India, here are a few things that you should know. 


Types of Vacuum Cleaners


There are mainly six types of vacuum cleaners, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner


This is one of the trending vacuum cleaners, which is very easy to use and portable. It is not bulky, unlike a regular vacuum cleaner. It has a dust collector and a motor inside the wand. You can use this appliance with a single hand. It can be used for many cleaning purposes with a different extension. There is no cable or wire with it as it is operated by built-in batteries. 


  • Dry Cum Wet Vacuum Cleaner


This type of mini vacuum cleaner for home can be used for cleaning dry dust as well as wet spills. They can make your cleaning job much easier. The suction power of this type of vacuum cleaner is very powerful. 


  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner


This type of vacuum cleaner is built in such a way that it can ensure maximum cleaning with little effort. It is best suited for cleaning large carpet or floor areas.


  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


If you want a portable vacuum cleaner, then this type is best for you. It is so portable that you can use it to clean car interior or unreachable corners. It is also budget-friendly than other types of vacuum cleaners. 


  1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner


This type of vacuum cleaner for home is an all-purpose cleaner. It comes with various attachments, which serves various cleaning purposes. It is bulky and can be dragged on wheels to where we clean. 


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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Different Requirements


  • Floor Cleaning – Canister Vacuum Cleaners


The canister is best suited for floor cleaning as it is designed for it. Additionally, you can look for more features in Canister vacuum cleaners, such as suction control to clean delicate fabrics & drapes, height adjustment, and brush roll control.


  • Levels (Duplex or Multiple Floor House) – Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners


Portability is essential when you are living in a house with more than one floor. A cordless stick vacuum is best suited for this purpose as you can easily carry it to different floors of the house. With an in-built battery, you don’t have to keep it plugged all the time while cleaning.


  • Dusting – Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner


A handheld vacuum cleaner is best suited to suck all the gathered dust. You can also clean many other areas using this vacuum, where other bulky vacuums can’t reach or be carried.


  • Allergies – Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter


A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter allows you to breathe clean air from the exhausted air. In this way, there will be no allergic reaction while cleaning.


Besides considering the above aspects, ensure that you vacuum cleaner you buy comes with adequate attachments or accessories (like dust brush, crevice tool, carpet brush etc.) for various cleaning purposes. It should have a high-power motor for rugged cleaning purposes. After reading through this guide on vacuum cleaners, we hope you can make an informed decision about which type of vacuum cleaner to buy for your requirement. This can help you buy the best vacuum cleaner in India.


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