The interior of our house reflects who we are on the inside. Most people do not like the indulgence of velvet fabrics, and however, getting a velvet couch can transform your living space forever if the chance arises. To take care of your new piece of luxury furniture, you need to find out how to do velvet couch cleaning Sydney the right way.

When you clean velvet fabric, you have to take extra care to avoid crushing the nap of the fiber in addition to removing the stain. The following tips will help you to remove stains from your sofa without damaging it successfully.

Take note of these tips for couch cleaning Sydney:

  • Keep your couch in good condition by vacuuming regularly
  • Remove spills quickly by starting at the edges.
  • Dry-on or encrusted materials can be brushed away with a soft brush.
  • Generally, natural, or semi-synthetic velvet will need professional cleaning for more serious stains.
  • You can either steam-clean the stain, use a dry-cleaning solvent, or use suds to blot it.
  • Using a soft brush, smooth the velvet in the pile direction after it has been cleaned and dried.
  • Lounging on a velvet couch Cleaning in Sydney is one of the most luxurious things you can do. When your sofa is covered in mud, luxury is somewhat diminished.

A soft brush can help you combat pressure marks on velvet sofas by brushing them with the grain. In some cases, a steam cleaner may be effective for removing velvet sofa cleaning Sydney pressure marks if your type of velvet can be cleaned at home.

Hire Couch Master Company for velvet Couch Cleaning Services

If you want a thorough deep clean, don’t even try to do it yourself, and you’ll end up stressing yourself out far more than you need to. Call a professional like Couch Master instead, and don’t ever wash velvet sofa covers in a washing machine. However, general cleaning can be completed on your own.

Kelly suggests: If a fabric has been treated with a guard and is just going to be wiped down, do a hoovering first to take out dust and other particles.

If you need something stronger, use a white or clear household soap and warm water, followed by a white microfiber cloth.

The couch cleaning service at Couch Master is one of the best in Sydney, and it provides you with excellent services at reasonable prices that you really need. We prioritize them because they are more than just a service; they genuinely care about improving your home.

How to take care of velvet Couch if you spill something on it

The first thing you need to do is not panic. It’s an issue that can be resolved. Kelly explains that you need a teaspoon for stubborn stains such as mud, ketchup, lipstick, and silly putty. If there are any stain residues, remove them with an edge of a teaspoon or flat utensil.

Other stains, such as coffee or pens, won’t require this step. Moisten the material and gently dab with a cloth.


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