An alcoholic beverage is one of the most prominent items of worldwide addiction demand. Alcohol consumption is a major problem in developing countries like India because of various socio-cultural practises across the country, different alcohol policies and practises across the various states, lack of community awareness of alcohol-related problems, false mass media propaganda about alcohol use, various alcohol drinking patterns among the alcohol consumers, and the emergence of social drinking as a habit due to widespread urbanisation. To minimise alcohol use, states must enact stringent alcohol rules, and consumers must be taught about the different detrimental consequences of alcohol usage and the impact it may have on their mind, body, and soul.

What is Alcohol? An Introduction to Alcohol

‘Ethyl alcohol’ is the substance that is referred to as ‘alcohol.’ Absolute (100 percent) ethyl alcohol is drunk as an alcoholic beverage at diluted proportions. Around the world, many forms of alcoholic beverages are consumed. 10 g of absolute alcohol equals one standard alcoholic beverage. The amount varies depending on the type of alcoholic beverage. Beer, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and brandy, as well as locally produced drinks such arrack and toddy, are the most regularly consumed alcoholic beverages. When an individual engages in a problematic drinking habit that puts him at risk of developing unfavourable health outcomes, alcohol intake becomes a problem.

Defining Alcohol Addiction

Experts have attempted to identify variables that may predispose someone to alcoholism, such as heredity, sex, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. However, there is no one reason. Psychological, genetic, and behavioural variables can all play a role in the disease’s development. In order to fight alcohol addiction, Alcohol Rehabilitation centre in New Delhi is found to be the most famous and effective rehabs in the North region of India.

It’s critical to remember that alcoholism is alcohol abuse. People suffer in alcoholism and their families also have to face the problems. It can disrupt the brain’s chemistry and lead a person with an alcohol addiction to lose control of their behaviour.

Best Rehabs of the Northern region provides

Individual therapy and counselling sessions are included in the addiction treatment programme, which is supplemented with physical and mental health activities for general recovery and join Alcohol rehabilitation centre in New Delhi. Aside from that, each day’s itinerary is planned, which includes in-person training, yoga, coping skills, mindful meditation, swimming, art and drama therapy, and many other things that not only keep a person busy but also keep their mind from succumbing to cravings or addiction.

The patient’s family is welcome to tour our de-addiction facility and observe the activities that take place here. We work hard to treat our patients with care and compassion in order to give them hope and help them reclaim their lives from drug and alcohol addiction.

Advanced Detox clinics are specialist hospitals where patients are cared for and treated properly. Alcohol rehabilitation centre in New Delhi is equipped with advanced psychological testing and laboratory facilities. Highly competent and experienced doctors and trained support professionals treat a variety of psychiatric problems and substance addictions.


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