Montessori in Singapore or International Schools in Singapore may seem like a costly choice but it is for a reason that they are so popular among the parents. Not all international schools in Singapore have the same fees. You can check out the Singapore international school fees and see what fits your budget. These Montessori and international schools offer some of the best curriculums in the world along with many other benefits.

Three Reasons Why Montessori in Singapore is a Better Option for Kids?

The Montessori education system in Singapore supports the diversity of all children as students control the speed of their learning. For Montessori class students, this means choosing a “career” that suits his or her interests, strengths, and abilities, thus ensuring good learning in an emotionally supportive environment.

In addition to reading, writing, and viewing, the Montessori Method emphasizes sensory training, sharpens their visual skills and the ability to draw what is thought derived.

The benefits of enrolling one’s child in Montessori in Singapore are as follows:

  • Independence

Child development is encouraged by the activities and opportunities that are provided in this environment. Our younger students learn these techniques based on questions using a play-based approach.

From an early age, a Montessori child develops to be a curious student. Children are placed in an affluent environment and are taught life skills such as dressing, which allows them to be independent. This ultimately leads to a sense of purpose and inspiration for the child.

  • The desire to question the world

Teachers in Montessori classrooms actively participate in a child’s learning process. Instead of directing each step of the child’s learning process, their role is to encourage children to find answers for themselves. This helps them gain more confidence in themselves and their learning while increasing their desire to learn more about the world around them.

  • Creative experts

Classroom planning is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Montessori class. Children in the Montessori area study with their peers in bands for three years. There is peer-to-peer learning and opportunities for self-discipline and informal learning. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, think about the process and find solutions for themselves.

It helps them in becoming creative thinkers. Through this process, they pick up and enjoy cultural diversity; teaching them to respect others and to help them build better relationships.

As already mentioned above, the international Montessori schools in Singapore are a great option for kids since they make students independent, increase their curiosity and also make them more creative. Other than that they also:

  • Provide a safe, attractive, and child-friendly environment.
  • Encourage self-confidence and their emerging skills.
  • Improve motor coordination.
  • Fine muscle skills, and
  • Language skills to provide opportunities for self-reliance in day-to-day activities

We have already looked into why international Montessori in Singapore is a better option for kids. However, it is also important to understand why a parent should choose an international school in Singapore for their children instead of opting for a normal public or private school.

Why should a parent choose an international school in Singapore?

Although the fees of an international school in Singapore is high as compared to a public school there are reasons when a parent chooses to enrol their kids in an international school rather than a public school in Singapore and they are as follows:

  • International schools have a reputation for providing comprehensive, universal education to children.
  • International schools are often regarded as the best option for international families, or Singaporean families planning to relocate and seeking to build a stable society through the international school network.
  • Similarly, international schools provide a good foundation for students who want to study or work abroad later in life, as the internationally recognized curriculum is designed for that.
  • International schools also provide a multicultural background to the students, thus making it easier for the kids of ex-pat parents, as they stay away from their home country but still get a chance to experience its culture and traditions.

Why are the fees of international schools so high in Singapore?

Even if the fees of the international schools in Singapore are three times higher than that of a public school, but it is all worth it because the way school takes the fees, also provides high-class opportunities, equipment and luxuries to students:

  • Bus Transportation
  • Uniforms
  • Lunches
  • Laptops
  • Hi-tech computerised classrooms
  • Availability of  resources needed for extracurricular activities

What are the two main factors that dominate the decision of parents while choosing between an international school and a public school in Singapore?

The two main factors that dominate the decision of parents while choosing between an international school and a public school in Singapore are:

1.      Cost – Cost or fees play an important role while deciding between a public school and an International School. Singapore International school fees are very expensive, even though they provide a lot of benefits to the student. Not all parents may be able to afford international schools for their kids. And this is why a parent might be confused about which school to select since admission in public schools for children of ex-pats is not easy, so the more convenient option is an international school.

2.      Culture – Culture plays an important part in one’s life and school plays an essential role in imparting the knowledge of that culture to the kids. So if the parents choose a public school, the kids might be exposed to different world cultures but with emphasis to Singaporean culture, whereas an international school will emphasize a diverse culture, no matter where it is located giving the child a chance to learn not only about his or her own culture but also about other existing ones and its importance in the society.


Thus, parents can see the benefits that their children would get if they enrol their kids in an international school and Montessori in Singapore. And these institutes in Singapore do not focus on the development of the child but they also take the feedback of their parents, while also directly asking the parents to participate in their kid’s life.


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