The other features to consider:

Cable length.

It all depends on where you have the power outlet: if it is located in a place away from a mirror, the cable must be at least 2 meters long to allow you to dry it comfortably. Always check the length of the cable before purchasing the hairdryer, it is certainly not the case to use an extension cord in the bathroom. The Features of Hair Dryer need to Consider
Separate control keys. It is certainly more convenient to be able to separately adjust the power of the air jet and the heat. Some models also have the “turbo” option: it is a particularly powerful jet of air, which allows you to dry your hair faster. In some products it is possible to vary both the air flow and the temperature continuously.

Cold air button.

If pressed, the hairdryer produces air at room temperature. . It is also useful when you need to inflate the mattress or a canoe on vacation.
Removable filter. It allows you to clean the hair dryer filter from dust and hair, keeping it in good health.


If the hairdryer is light, it is easier to handle, but also to carry. Products with a travel vocation are often compact, light and equipped with a folding handle. Finally, since they often travel in a suitcase and are therefore prone to knocks, it is important that they are resistant. Even professional hair dryers are generally light (often less than 1kg). To ensure that the arms do not get tired after prolonged use.


There are usually at least two supplied. The concentrator or spout and the diffuser. The first allows you to concentrate the hot air on the hair or on the brush. It is used after slightly drying the hair to proceed with styling. The second is mainly used for drying curly hair or in the case of a slightly wavy crease. Because it helps to maintain well-defined curls. Both are useful, but neither is essential – make sure the appliance includes the ones you will use on a regular basis.
Noise. Working close to the ears, the noise emitted by the hair dryers is a factor to consider. Ideally, choose a model that is as quiet as possible. Hair dryers with alternating current (AC) motors are usually quieter than those with direct current (DC) motors

IR, Tourmaline, Ceramic, Ion technology:

It’s really like this? We are verifying the data available to us in the laboratory to understand if they are efficient or not. We will soon be able to give certain answers.

On the other hand, what is certain is that, the faster it dries. The shorter the time the hair is exposed to high temperatures. Not only that: the reduction of drying times allows you to maintain lower temperatures without losing effectiveness, limiting the stress factors for the hair. Effectiveness is therefore guaranteed both in drying and styling. Delicacy, uniformity of results and speed, limiting the risks of excessive drying or heating.

Furthermore, the ions should also serve to avoid the annoying electrostatic effect very common with the use of the hairdryer and to make the hair more shiny, the products with ceramic coating promise less dry and brittle hair while the products with tourmaline declare polishing effectiveness thanks to the large production of negative ions: our tests did not show a close correlation between the presence of the ionization function and an appreciable improvement in drying performance compared to models without.

Always check your real needs:

There are some models that allow you to activate the ionic anti-frizz function (certainly superfluous for those with short or straight hair), others equipped with a hook to store the hairdryer comfortably (assuming you hang it, useless if you put it back on a shelf or in a drawer), products with a sensor for automatic temperature regulation, which constantly detects the temperature of the hot air jet and keeps the heat constant, avoiding damage to the hair due to excessive temperatures and appliances with LCD display to select and view the settings in clearer and more immediate way.

How to use the hairdryer safely:

It is very important to use the hair dryer correctly to avoid running into dangerous safety problems. The main thing to pay attention to is to keep the appliance away from water: never use it near a sink or tub full of water and when not in use, unplug the hairdryer from the electrical socket and store it in a place sheltered from splashes.

Then there are other useful tips to follow:

Never barefoot. Dry your hair wearing plastic or rubber slippers. And always on a dry floor.
No contact. Do not touch the accessories when the hairdryer is in operation, as they can get very hot. Toddlers should only use the hair dryer with adult supervision.

How much does a hairdryer cost? Best selling models and prices

Philips are the brands that generate the highest sales and do so thanks to the low-medium price models of their range: the most expensive model from Philips, in fact, costs an average of 75 dollars, but among the products that the Italian market rewards as sales volumes we find those with average prices ranging from 19 to 28 dollars. The same goes for philips: its most expensive model costs an average of 285 dollars, but the most sold have average costs between 24 and 59 dollars.


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