Custom vape cartridge boxes are meant to present the cartridges in the most alluring manner. These boxes help get attention from the customer amidst a number of other brands offering similar products. As vaping becomes a popular trend, the demand for these prefilled cartridges is on a rise with every passing day. This has up the ante and the competition is tougher than ever before. It calls for an increased effort to present your product in an alluring way that offers a comprehensive retail experience to the customers. 

One of the reasons why the custom packaging boxes wholesale matter a lot is because the potential user of cartridges is a style-conscious genre. They do not vape for mere addiction, rather a vaping device represents their style and taste. Hence they prefer a product that is handsome enough to complement their style. This is why cartridge manufacturing companies are paying a lot of attention to how their product looks. It should be able to attract customers and add value to the product. Here the key is customization.

In order to ensure that your cartridge boxes are smart enough to act as your brand ambassador, follow a few simple tips given below.

Go for a Unique Boxes Design

The first thing that the walk-in customer is going to notice about your product is the box design. It is crucial for creating that first impression which will be translated into an action i.e. purchase by the customer. So it is very important that you select your box design very carefully. It should be unique enough to stand out from the rest.

Here the key to success is customization. Your box should fit your product well, enhancing its beauty. It should be designed in accordance with the size and shape of your product. In this regard, the tailor-made die-cut boxes are a great success. Many custom box manufacturing companies offer precisely sized custom packaging to fit the product perfectly. These boxes provide a snug fit and are unique to your product. 

Besides another very common trend in customized boxes is to go for the window cut boxes; these boxes provide better visibility for your product. The cartridges which are packed in window cut boxes are readily visible and are hence a great source of inciting impulsive buying as compared to the ones which are not readily visible and need to be unpacked before the customer can decide to purchase them.

These hanging tabs provide an enhanced showcasing ability and your boxes can be placed or hung at a very prominent place in the store; the locking tabs provide security to your product.

Try Child Proof Packaging

The cartridges filled with e-liquid are among those products which need to be kept away from the range of the little ones. Because if they are ingested or manhandled they can prove to be hazardous for the kids. Hence it is recommended that you go for the childproof packaging for your cartridges.

 It not only protects the kids around from ingesting the hazardous product but also shows your commitment to the welfare of your community especially the little ones. Hence the childproof packaging adds to the company’s goodwill besides protecting the kids. Moreover, the child-proof packaging can be customized just as the customization in the regular packaging and it does not have to be boring or plain to the sight.

Adding Creative Packaging Ideas

There are a number of options available in the childproof packaging. It can involve a variety of mechanisms. For example, it may involve a couple of buttons to be pressed together in order for the box to open and reveal the contents. The safety mechanisms can be of innumerable types. However, no matter which one you opt for, it should be easy enough for the seniors to operate while being complicated enough for the kids to understand. 

Another useful customization option in the vape cartridge box is to add the hanging and locking tabs to the boxes. Besides, you must not compromise on the customization of size and shape while opting for a child-safe option. In short, your cartridge box should combine the traits of security and attractiveness. 


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