Violation of property law is not uncommon and has been going on for ages. Generally speaking, property law deals with fixed properties like houses and vehicles. As a result, conflicts often arise, with people claiming rights over the same property or disagreements over boundaries, repairs, and other similar matters, which can soon escalate into serious legal strife, calling for the assistance of a property dispute lawyer. Property Dispute lawyers are skilled in handling legal issues and provide expert solutions to all your problems.

What is a Property Dispute?

  • A property dispute refers to a legal dispute regarding matters of real estate. 
  • These may include disputes over ownership, damage and repairs.
  • Blocking of views concerning houses, apartments, offices, roads, or even empty lots.
  •  The parties involved can be landlords/owners and tenants, neighbors, trespassers, family members.
  • This also includes the property visitors, to name a few. 
  • You never know when you might find yourself in such a trial, and it’s best to be prepared for whatever comes your way.
  • Hiring one of the best lawyers for property disputes is the first step you can take to secure for yourself credible support.

Types of Property Disputes

Infringement of Contract

When the parties involved do not conform to the contract of sale, purchase, or lease, they may land up in a breach of contract. 

The party at a loss can demand specific performance of contract/ specific performance of part of the contract/reimbursement for their loss/Compensation and damages.


This is one of the most common forms of disputes evident today. 

Fraudulent representation of the property and concealing information about the piece of property may call for professional help.

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Matters of Boundary

Sometimes a piece of land may not have a definite property line, or the property line might exceed the legal line. 

At such times, signs of discord can be observed among concerned parties, necessitating the need for the best lawyer for property disputes.

Performance Property Dispute

These may arise when the specific functions listed in the agreement or contract are not met with as promised.

In cases such as these, lawyers will check records and represent their clients if the case is dragged to court.

 However, the prime motive is always to resolve the issue through an understanding among the concerned parties.

 The lawyer will act as a facilitator for a negotiation acceptable to all, thus establishing peace.

Time for Professional Help 

When things become difficult to manage and you need advice, it is time to get your lawyer’s guidance to resolve the dispute. 

These lawyers will efficiently lead your way out of property disputes by possessing strong knowledge of state property tax and tax assessment tactics. 

From offering advice on taxation policies, purchase, license or lease of properties to ensure their client’s adherence to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, the lawyers can handle trying situations with ease. 

The exceptional command and mastery on the field make the lawyer worthy in all ways possible. 

No more harassment from brokers or estate agents; hire a property dispute lawyer and spare yourself from any probable legal mess.


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