Activities are one of the most important ways in which nursery school children learn. Best international schools in Pune focus a lot on activities because it is the best source of child development and self-worth. Playing and activities are established as a fundamental right for students in nursery school.

This is quite majorly enshrined by international schools in Pune. 

Sand play

Nursery schools in Pune use sand play as an amazing opportunity to inculcate scientific knowledge and self-confidence in students. Scooping, digging, and sifting teach children the idea of creation and creativity alongside building attentiveness.  


Play mixture creates a gigantic potential for learning in students of the international school of Pune. Apart from the fact that it strengthens fingers it also shows fine engine abilities, imagination, and deftness. 

Fancy dress competition- Nursery schools

insist on this activity a lot because it strengthens children’s imagination and gives them a chance to believe that dreams do come true. Dressing up allows children to explore their interests and increase social interaction. It also instills a very important quality which is self-love and self-care.  

Drawing and painting

Best international schools in Pune believe that letting children go wild with paints and drawing tools allows them to have their way with self-expression. Other than this it also builds a foundation of acquiring a different quality than academics.  

Imaginative play –

Several games push the imaginative abilities of kids but nursery schools in Pune encourage games that come naturally to students. The imagination power in kids is immensely strong and if you leave them with random objects, you’ll soon find them lost in their Gross world. Giving them time and space for imagination is important because it builds several skills like reasoning, literacy skills, self-esteem and many more. It also helps them handle boredom.  

Running, jumping, swinging-

Little youngsters have an impulse to move and the best nursery schools in Pune permit them to do so all while giving them safe and age-fitting difficulties. Best international schools permit kids to build their curiosity and creativity and foster qualities like attentiveness, smart thinking, problem-solving, etc.  Obviously, gross engine abilities also get a strong lift. 

Nature play – 

Nursery schools in Pune emphasise that kids’ ability to learn is fuelled up when they are allowed to play outdoors, close to nature. International schools in Pune are appreciated and exceptionally respected for giving due importance to outdoor games and Nature play activities. These games help to build regard for the climate in kids and an appreciation for the modest beginnings of science. It also allows kids to be free and curious. 

Sensory play

is any play-action that includes contact, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. This can be played with a plate of jam, water globules, ice, rice, or anything that triggers the senses in kids. Nursery schools emphasise that Sensory play encourages the ability to investigate and examine. 

Cooking and Pretend-Cooking

Nursery schools in Pune say that cooking and imagine cooking, serving, and shops, are extraordinary play situations for youngsters. Cooking brings together components of tangible play, ideas of proportion and patience, home security, etc for the kids to learn. Pretend-cooking, serving, and toy shops could also be used to gently introduce kids to the concept of money, budget, bargain, and how to be smart to other people.

The entire curriculum in nursery schools is activity-based which evolves communication skills, creativity, reasoning, and emotional intelligence. Best international schools in Pune focus on the overall well-being of the students, not just academic progress.  


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