How To Play Poker Game Without Chips?

Poker games are exciting! But can you really play a poker game without chips? The answer is a big YES.  Here are six ways to play poker without chips.

  1. Cupcakes, Chocolates, and Candies
    Order a box of cupcakes. Get candies and chocolates from a nearby store. You are ready for the poker game. The smallest bet is to be of candies, followed by chocolates. The highest bet is cupcakes. Your day is going to turn super sweet and happy after playing this sweet poker game.


  1. Multi-sized Paper Chits
    The easiest to play poker is making chits with papers. Paper is the most easily available item in your surroundings. So easy, that you can literally take a short break on a stressful day at work and ask your colleagues to join a poker game. Who knew playing poker without chips could be so easy? Try this hack!


  1. Money plant leaves
    Always wondered why this plant is called a money plant. It is because you can use leaves of the plant as a substitute for money or chips in a poker game. Play poker with plant leaves available in your surroundings. It’s fun and will remind you of the beauty of nature while playing poker.


  1. Poker Party with online poker
    There are several online poker websites that host poker games. For example, you can play poker games on Spartan Poker, Adda52, PokerBaazi, Khelo365, Blitzpoker, and many others. Poker games are legal in India. As a player, you must choose a safe and legal poker platform.


  1. Freerolls on Spartan Poker app
    Another way to play poker without chips is to use the freerolls on the Spartan Poker app. You can download the app on your phone. That is the way to have a poker party at home. You get free money too if you win a freeroll tournament.


  1. Stationery
    You can use pen, rubber bands, paper, or anything you like when you want to play poker without chips. Use a thing that is nearest to you as an alternative to poker chips. Use your creativity and use any stationery you have in your house to play poker.

We have used monopoly money, sequence coins, Uno cards and even office supplies like post it stickers to play poker. Monopoly money is pretty straight forward since it has the values clearly displayed on the card. Uno Cards can be used to play poker as well. We usually use the numbers value to determine the money we stake. Sequence Coins almost look like poker coins. They come in green, blue and red. Since the green coins are the most, their value is determined as 10 points, blue coins are 20 points and red coins are 50 points. Poker in India can literally be played with any kind of coins like these. With post-it notes, you can assign each colour a value and then play the game from there.

The idea is to have fun. So, find a substitute for physical poker chips using your creativity. Or play free online poker on the Spartan Poker app. With so many amazing options, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have lots of fun playing poker now!


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