Do you have a One Plus phone that won’t turn on? Is there a problem with the speaker or the display?

The majority of people are unsure how to handle such circumstances. Users go to an authorised OnePlus service centre as long as the device is under warranty. When the more expensive parts are broken and the cost of repair is exorbitant, many consumers, go to third-party repair shops in electronic hubs.

One may argue that visiting a local mobile repair shop rather than the authorised service centre saves money. While we cannot argue with that, it’s important to understand what you are getting yourself into before deciding to get your damage One Plus phone repairs at any local or unauthorised repair shop.

In reality, a local mobile repair shop will provide low-cost services at the expense of repair quality. However, it is rarely a happy experience in the end. The worst part is that customers may have to pay more money to remedy the faults of the novice technician at the local mobile repair shop, which is unfortunate

Why Must We Repair Our One Plus Phones at an Authorised OnePlus Service Centre?

Repairing your One Plus phone at an authorised service centre is more expensive,” you’ve probably heard a lot of people say. Yes, it is correct. However, have you heard about the advantages you get from them? 

If not, here are some reasons why you should get your phone repaired at an authorised OnePlus service centre.

  • Warranty

If your phone is still under warranty, the authorised OnePlus service centre is the only place where you can get free repairs in addition to paying for them. New phones, as is customary, come with at least a one-year first-party warranty. With it, you’ll be able to get free repairs for non-artificial damages from authorised service centres.

However, you won’t get this service at any local repair shop. Therefore, if your phone is damage due to normal wear and tear while still under warranty, you can only get free repair services from an authorised mobile repair shop.

  • Repair Quality

You can trust that your phone is in good hands at the official phone repair shop, and that it will not be further damage or render inoperable for the remainder of its life.

Repairing modern mobile phones necessitates a highly experienced, skilled technician with the recommended tools.

While there are some skilled, trustworthy, and dependable local mobile repair shops out there, the percentage of bad ones are high enough to infer that you should never fix your damaged phone at a local repair shop. 

You’re better off going to the official service centre, where you can hold them accountable if anything goes wrong after they fix your phone.

  • Authentic Spare Parts

The quality of spare parts use by the expert impacts how well or badly your phone looks once it has been repairs. 

The fact that most unlicense repair shops don’t use genuine spare parts is probably the main reason you can get your phone repairs for a lower price. They prefer to obtain replacement parts from unidentified sources. The authorised OnePlus service centre, on the other hand, provides genuine replacement parts that fit your phone model properly.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The mode of customer service provided by a local repair company is probably the most annoying part you’ll ever encounter. 

Meanwhile, the technicians at an authorised OnePlus service centre is always willing to listen to your problems, offer solutions, and even give you advice on specific matters. 

Closing Thoughts

If you have a damaged One Plus phone and are confused where to take it for repair, the best place to go is to an authorised OnePlus service centre with years of experience. 

Whether you have a broken screen, a battery that won’t hold a charge, a phone that won’t power on, or any other technical issue, visit an authorised service centre. OnePlus service centre offer you high-quality, quick, and reliable repair assistance.

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