Mineral water plant manufacturers require certain documents as well as licenses to start and run the business. The documents as well as licensing are provided by the governing authorities. Also, the type of documentation and licensing needed might differ in different regions. Based on the type of water bottling plant you are planning to set up, you can acquire the necessary documentation. There is no doubt about the fact that proper documentation, as well as complete licensing, is extremely significant for setting up a mineral water plant in India. In this article, we will explore the necessary things required to start the plant.

Perks of becoming a mineral water plant manufacturer

Water is a necessity for life to exist. Not everywhere tap water is considered clean and hygienic. In the places where tap water is not clean; in those areas, packaged bottled water is used widely. Generally, as well, people are preferring to go for mineral bottled drinking water. The main reason for choosing mineral water is that it is not only safe to drink, but it also offers many benefits because of the presence of minerals. As the need for clean water is increasing, therefore, the mineral water plant manufacturers are experiencing good business in this field. Mineral water also has a certain amount of sulfur components as well as some salts, which turn out to be healthy for human health. 

The manufacturers have many opportunities to grow because the market size is constantly increasing. Also, the profit margins in the mineral water business are quite high, and this is also one of the reasons that make mineral water manufacturing a top choice in many ways. The investment in the mineral water manufacturing field is growing at a good pace. 

To start a mineral water business, the mineral water plant manufacturers need to have the correct information. They should be educated and aware of the necessary documents as well as licenses that are needed to run the business. At the same time, companies would like to gain information to sustain the business in the market too. 

Listed below are a few of the necessary things, documents, and licenses needed by the mineral water plant manufacturers:

Get yourself registered as an entity 

You will need to set up a legal entity for your mineral water business. It is important to start any business in India. You would want to register as a one-person company, a partnership firm, a proprietorship firm, a private limited, or a limited liability partnership. Once you have decided the legal entity that you would like to be registered then the registration process begins. Mineral water plant manufacturers will need to seek help from experts to register successfully. You will need certain specific documents for this purpose. 

Small-Scale Industry Registration 

SSI registration is required to receive the appropriate government subsidy. State and Central governments offer certain benefits to the SSIs. However, to register successfully, you will need to make sure you have the required documents ready. The process of registration is mostly online. 

BIS Registration 

This is probably one of the most important steps when it comes to the starting of the business as mineral water plant manufacturers. All the packaged drinking water companies need to acquire this certification to operate. 

Apart from this, you will also require a pollution control certificate to start and run your business. Also, trademark registration is an important step in starting any business. Make sure the name of your brand is protected safely. Additionally, many checking and reviews will also be needed. Also, you might want to consider buying certified raw materials for manufacturing.

ISO Certification is Significant  

One of the other most important certifications is the ISO certification. ISO or International Standards of Organization is a very significant certification required by many organizations. The ISO certification increases the credibility of the firm. It demonstrates that the product or service fulfills all the necessary expectations of the clients. For many industries, ISO certification is a mandatory certification. Mineral water plant manufacturers can also apply for the ISO certification to run the business smoothly. 

Apart from some of the key certifications and documents mentioned above, the manufacturers might require some more licenses, including:

  • No objection certificate (NOC) might also be required in some areas
  • Cleanliness Certifications 
  • Medical certificates for the employees 
  • Documents related to ownership of land/lease of land
  • Layout plan’s approval 
  • Electrical load sanction for operating the mineral water manufacturing plant

To know about all the necessary certifications and documentation, you may require to consult an expert in the mineral water plant manufacturing industry. Many service providers have the right knowledge to help you get the required certifications and documentations. 

The mineral water business is fruitful and prosperous; however, it does require a good amount of investment of time and effort. Also, it is very important to make sure that a business is started properly. Certain mandatory formalities are required to be fulfilled before starting any business. The role of certifications and licenses is very important because in most cases if you don’t have proper documentation then you won’t be able to start and run the business. To make sure that you get all the necessary documentation on time, you would want to apply for them at the right time because the process of approvals, etc. can be a little lengthy. 


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