In numerology one tries to get a picture of the world, life courses and personalities on the basis of numbers and numbered letters. For example, by means of a simple calculation you arrive at your destiny or expression number, and that number can teach you a lot about your personality and how it creates challenges, strength or habits.Let us find out the meaning of numbers in numerology.

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Meaning of Numbers in Numerology

However, whoever also observes the warnings specific to his number can arm himself against negative characteristics and try to convert them into something positive. You also learn where your weaknesses and strengths lie, and with that information you can get to work: what is an ideal situation, partner, environment for you?

Number 1: the loner

Self-awareness, creativity, individualism, new beginnings, leadership, pioneer.

If you are a number 1, you experience distance between yourself and the people around you. Your pursuit of individualism and individuality are sometimes difficult to combine with your loved ones. It is therefore a challenge to maintain harmony in this: where does the number 1 stop and the rest begin? You are rebellious, critical and you are not afraid to question things out loud.

What draws the dark side of the 1 is a penchant for egocentrism and selfishness. You quickly lose sight of others in your pursuit of doing what you believe in and what seems best to you. You may have a tendency to boycott others when things aren’t going the way you think they should, being stubborn and even bossy about it. It is a challenge for you to open up to others and take an actively interested and friendly attitude towards them. Lets learn more meaning of numbers in numerology through numerology reading analysis.

Number 2: the mediator

Connection and connectedness, cooperation, love, mediation, tact, togetherness.

You are sensitive and therefore tactful and charming as well as analytically gifted. You soon notice what goes by others. More often than not, you use your mindfulness to restore balance in human relationships, and you are humble about it. You’d rather stay in the background. In addition, you are very fond of order and tidiness, and you also need that to feel at home.

The dark side of the 2 is actually hypersensitive and finds no peace in anything. Under pressure, the 2 becomes moody and can come out sharp. In more extreme sizes, they are even sneaky and are not averse to a few lies. They also sometimes fall prey to extreme depression. It is a challenge for the two to adopt a more positive attitude and work on his or her self-discipline.

Number 3: the romantic soul

Expressive, artistic, carefree, candid, dramatic, outgoing, sociable.

The number 3 is a truly creative soul. You crave self-expression and can’t live without the feeling that creating things brings. Thanks to your endearing personality, you are widely loved and possibly even very popular. You are naturally friendly towards others, and it is noticed.

Your dark side emerges when you become too careless, become jealous and lower yourself to gossip. If you also don’t put a brake on your self-expression from time to time, you can sometimes bore or even irritate others. The 3 can benefit greatly from working on self-control, concentration and patience.

Number 4: the hard worker

Discipline, order, structure, hard work, perseverance, loyalty.

You work hard, conscientiously and in the correct manner. Your attitude is more pragmatic, and you work analytically and thoughtfully. Rarely do you make hasty decisions, and when others are about to give up, you work hard. Loyalty is of paramount importance in all your relationships. You are convinced that you cannot achieve anything without hard work, and are more than willing to put in the effort.

With a negative attitude, the 4 falls into narrow-mindedness and he or she becomes judgmental and critical. They are numb, brutal and even destructive. Tolerance and maintaining an open mind are working points for the 4.

Number 5: the adventurer

Versatility, change, flexibility, freedom, agility.

You are unfettered and free and want to share that freedom with everyone. You like to mingle with people and live by the motto “the more souls, the more joy”. Deep down you feel a strong urge to explore and travel, and you carry a great curiosity. You are endearing and people are naturally attracted to you. meaning of numbers in numerology is unique and so is number 5.

The dark side of number 5 is irresponsible and unreliable. He or she sets no limits for himself, and has the potential to become addictive. The 5 can procrastinate, disappoint and abandon others and fail to live up to his or her own expectations. It is important that the 5 finds something to tie himself to, to a lesser extent or not, so that he or she keeps his or her feet on the ground.

Number 6: the mother or the father

Caring, helpful, responsible, faithful, healing, a sense of being at home.

As the number 6, you know what it means to take responsibility, and you take pride in that too. You strive for stability and harmony within your ‘family’, whether that is family or not.

You are helpful and have no problem serving others. A devoted and loyal, and you don’t want to leave anyone behind.

However, the 6 must be careful not to act as a busybody. You easily lapse into worrying, being overprotective, and becoming too dependent on others. When the 6 gets the feeling that too much is being asked of him or her, the 6 gets the feeling of being forced into service. Then the 6 becomes cynical and bitter. The 6 would do well to curb his possessiveness and to accept that not everything is always under control. Just like sun signs in horoscope, every number is unique and have variations.

Number 7: the philosopher

Philosophy, analysis, study, concluded, thoughtful, fact, wisdom.

The 7 strives to gain as much wisdom and knowledge as possible. You act like a true scientist and have a sharp, clear mind. A strong sense of honor adorns you. A 7 won’t say a word about things he or she doesn’t know about, and always comes up with facts to support his or her argument.

The negative seven is melancholy, cynical and lacks self-confidence. You are defensive, and can isolate yourself so much that you start to lead a hermitage. The 7 learns best to deal with his fears and depressions, and benefits from opening up to others. With a little effort you can learn to understand others and pierce your isolation.
Number 8: the businesswoman or the businessman

Matter, power, achievements, success, good judgment.

The 8 is often business oriented and does very well as a businessman or in the financial world. You are able to make targeted, practical choices and devise solutions. Not infrequently, the 8 also has leadership abilities. With your polite demeanor and enormous self-confidence, you can also win the approval of those above you.

The 8 must be careful not to let his lust for power take over. You can behave very materialistic and intolerant when under pressure, and you risk wasting your many talents if you act thoughtlessly. The 8 would do well to work on honesty and tolerance, and should try to limit his materialism.

Number 9: The Wise

Denouement, tolerant, selfless, fulfillment, self-fulfillment.

You are calm and naturally have a healthy dose of self-knowledge. An introspective but do not lose sight of others. You are always benevolent and you love all people. You see the good in others and want to help them bring it out. Others always come first. You are artistic, like to work together and you may also be spiritually gifted.

The 9 should guard against both excessive sentimentality and aloofness. You also tend to behave irrationally, and may lack practical insight. A challenge for the 9 is to find a balance between what can and what he or she wants. Hope you have learnt the meaning of numbers in numerology.


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