A dab pen is a device that allows wax dabbing. Most of the seahorses don’t offer the dabbing of waxes and oils. Lookah seahorse pro limited edition is the potent second-generation wax dabbing device.

This second-level seahorse pro limited edition has come into focus after the huge success of seahorse pro. So, this version has come with giant updates and upgraded functions. The lookah company has promised versatility and quality in their products.

So, the lookah limited edition has a distinctive style and color scheme. You’ll enjoy the tie-dye version as well as the decent one. Thus, one can choose according to their taste and choice.

Tiny liquor collector

Smokers wish for the type of dab pen that offers multiple aims. So, this is just like the smokers wish, yes you’ve got there. The limited-edition seahorse is a compact device and comes in a tiny size. Thus, you can take it anywhere for vaping your favorite wax or herb hits. Now, you don’t need to take a certain place and dab because this mini nectar dab pen allows on-the-go vapes.

Fix in all cartridges

The lookah seahorse pro limited edition can fit in all the 510 cartridges. Additionally, the lookah manufacturers have provided their customers with all the facilities. Like, from dry dabs to waxy vapes, you can get maximum flavors and concentrate. This super-dab pen has come up with the quartz tips best for the mouthpiece.

Honey straw dabbing tool

Honey straw tool means it provides a sweet taste with the variable voltage. The benefits of getting the variable voltage are that you get desired vapors. So, the smokers who like to dab slowly can choose the low voltage. In this way, the coils will heat slowly and indirectly to provide smoother smoke.

Transparency in vaping

Were you familiar with the transparency in smoking before? I bet that you didn’t! So, the reason is that no other company offers transparency in smoking other than lookah. Thus, with this lookah seahorse pro limited edition, you’ll get the live session dabs. This means that you can see your vapors traveling from bongs even while taking hits.

No scorching heat

The most brilliant thing about the limited pro edition by lookah is that they offer indirect heating. So, this feature enhances the working capability of the device. We all know that direct combustion can instantly burn the coil and can provide a burnt taste plus smell. Thus, lookah limited edition allows indirect heating of coils from the battery as one source.

Powerful battery source

The 650mAh battery is capable enough to go for long party sessions. This battery runs for hours and hours and doesn’t get over. So, this is the only way of heating for the coils and provides the best vapors of smoke. This battery has recharging features and thus, you can recharge it again for use.

Retain the flavor

The second-generation dab pen is good for retaining the taste and aroma of vape. This is the only dabbing device that offers the types of vapors which have lasting taste. So, what else you can wish for when this pro nectar collector has so much for you to offer.

What are the steps involved in using this device?

Lookah seahorse pro limited edition has very simple operational steps. So, you must keep in mind that you can dab one (dry or wax) at a time. Like, you can either vape the dry herb or the wax with the device at a time.

So, initially take your wax in the china dish or the dry herb after girding/shredding. Now it’s the time to start your limited pro dabbing device. This device works in two modes, the one is automatic mode and manual mode.

Hence, if you want to smoke with manual mode then, tap the switch button three times. After this, you need to select your desired voltage. In this way, your coils get suitable voltage for wax or herb, and then, the time comes when you can inhale the vapors.

The second mode is the automatic or exclusive mode. In this mode, you need to enter the button five times. So, after this select the suitable temperature and there you go for your favorite sesh.

Is lookah second-generation dab pen worth buying?

Of course, the lookah is the only reliable and durable smoke product company in advertising. So, they have wonderful products with powerful attributes for their customers. All the products last for a long time and provide perfect sesh with premium excellence. Hence, smokers prefer vaping from the second-generation nectar collector because of its excellent performance.

Final review

Lookah seahorse pro limited edition has made its sale to the next level. People rushed towards this second-generation dabbing device due to many reasons. The indirect heating technology and the quartz coils make this device exceptional. Therefore, this potent dabbing device is a mini tool that also supports on-the-go dabs.

This is so cool that you can enjoy dabbing anywhere. So, don’t choose the low-quality dab pen. Choose lookah because it is the only brand on which you can rely blindly and for now all products are on sale with great discount deals. Click here for more interesting articles.


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