Do you want to know how to troubleshoot HP printer problems? We present to you a useful HP printer troubleshooting guide to resolve ink cartridge errors, ghosting troubles, paper jams, printer driver issues and a lot more. 

Troubleshooting 5 HP Printer Problems

HP Printer Troubleshooting – In the following sections we have provided 5 common HP printer problems, their solutions as well as step-by-step instructions for you. Using these instructions, you will be able to navigate through the procedure easily and fix your HP printer like an expert.

HP Printer Troubleshooting Print Quality

Sometimes, the print quality of your HP printer may get affected. The black ink or colour ink may fail to get printed, the printout may be faded, the printed document may look blur, and even the printed ink may be smeared. Let us see what you can do to troubleshoot the print quality of your HP printer.


1. Reinstalling the printer driver has shown to fix the problem. For this, first turn on your HP printer. If you are using a USB to connect the device with your computer, then remove the cable. 

2. Now press the “Windows” key and open the “Control Panel”.

3. Then go to “Devices and Printer”  and right-click it. When you see the name of your printer, click on it to remove or uninstall it.

4. Just in case the name of your HP printer is not visible in the list, you can go to the section “Printers”.

5. A set of instructions will pop up when you move to the “Printers” section. Follow these on-screen instructions to remove your HP printer. 

6. The next step involves removing any other HP icons appearing on the desktop or in the Windows “Start” menu.

7. Once the printer driver has been removed, reinstall it. After the reinstallation, the error will have been resolved.

Also keep in mind that you should always use genuine quality HP ink cartridges as well as the right kind of printing paper that is compatible with your HP printer. 

HP Printer Troubleshooting Offline Error

When your HP printer shows the status as being offline, chances are that the network connectivity might not be appropriate. There could also be faulty settings. The HP printer offline status will not allow your system to communicate with the device and hence, you will not be able to print or scan anything. Take a look at the fix for this. 


1. First, you will be required to download the HP Print and Scan Doctor. 

2. After the tool has been downloaded, run it on your computer.

3. After the HP Print and Scan Doctor open, click on “Start”.

4. Now select the name of your HP printer. On the off chance that you do not see the name of your printer, click on “Retry” and it will appear. 

5. Your system may be prompted to turn on the printer updates, in case any. Click on “Yes” to install and then tap “Continue”.

6. Running the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool will resolve the offline printer status. The tool will also guide you with the instructions in case there is any error with the connection. 

HP Printer Troubleshooting Paper Jam

Paper jams are very common errors that occur while printing. It is important to fix your HP printer by clearing away the paper jam or else the device will not let you print any further. In this section, we will tell you the steps for HP printer troubleshooting paper jams. 


1. To begin with, check the input and output trays. Look inside these trays to find any bits of jammed papers.

2. Now, open the cover of the Automatic Document Feeder or ADF. Remove the jammed paper if you can see it there. Now try a test print to check whether the error has been solved. In case the error has not been resolved, then move on to the third step.

3. Turn off your HP printer and remove the power cord.

4. Now, open the access door of the device and then move the carriage. Pull away the jammed paper from this area. 

5. The next step is to check the paper path cover for the jammed paper, in case your printer has it.

6. Also take out the input tray and inspect it for stuck bits of paper.

7. In case your HP printer has a bottom cleanout door, look under it to find the jammed paper.

8. Now, check the rear access door where the paper may have got stuck while printing.

9. The next step is to carefully place back all the parts you removed or moved.

10. Reconnect your HP printer to the power cord and plug it in. Turn it on and then give a test print. The HP paper jam error will have been resolved by now.

HP Printer Troubleshooting Ghosting

Ghosting is another common error you may encounter while using your HP printer. In ghosting, you may be able to print an image properly, however, a lighter version of the image may get printed elsewhere in the document. Let us see what we can do to remove this error.


1. Remove the power cord of your HP printer from the power source.

2. Now, open the access door of your HP printer and remove the ink cartridge.

3. Keep the removed ink cartridge safely on a surface.

4. The next step is to wait for 30 seconds. 

5. Now, plug the power cord back into your HP printer.

6. Also place back the ink cartridge into the device.

7. Turn on your printer and give a test print. The ghosting error will have been resolved by now.

HP Printer Troubleshooting Ink Cartridge

Your HP printer may fail to deliver prints when there is an error with the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge could be in the wrong slot, it could be missing or it could even be incompatible with your HP printer. Below we have given the HP printer troubleshooting ink cartridge solution. Take a look at it.


1. The initial step is to ensure that the ink cartridge is compatible with the model of your HP printer. Take the help of the user manual to verify the ink cartridge.

2. The next step is to reset your HP printer. Keep your printer turned on and then remove its power cord. 

3. Now, wait for at least a minute.

4. The final step is to connect your power cord again to the power source and then to your HP printer. 

5. Once you reset your HP printer successfully, the HP Printer ink cartridge error will have been resolved.

HP Printer Won’t Print in Black : How to Fix This Issue?

It can be frustrating when your HP Printer won’t Print in Black anymore. You find yourself facing a deadline at work and your Printer just refuses to corporate with you & decide that it will not print in black. It’s a very common story: you need to print something and your Printer’s decided not to print black ink. You may go to Google and search for fixes to resolve this issue. And run into several printer forums without a clear resolution.

Steps to fix the issue when HP Printer Won’t Print in Black

Step 1: Turn off your HP Printer after saving all your data & unplug from the power source and disconnect USB cables as well.

Step 2: Now go to the printer display screen to print a “Quality Diagnostic Report”. To take “Print Test Page”, to help you detect print quality problems.

Step 3: And you should also remember to check printer ink levels to double check the ink volume in your cartridges to make sure it meets the required standards.

Check the HP Printer Ink Cartridge

  • In the first step, Remove and replace any ink cartridge if the ink is less or empty.
  • Now refer to the HP manual to check if the ink cartridges are properly installed or not.
  • Carefully take out the tape over the vent of the recently installed cartridge.
  • Check if the vents of the cartridges are clogged.
  • If there is a clog use a pin to clean up the vents.
  • If this does not work you can use different ink cartridge to see your Printer is able to recognize it.

Check Your Print Head:

If still, your HP Printer won’t print in black even after you have replaced it with new ink cartridges. Now you should go through the user manual and follow the instructions given there to check the print heads. So, When it’s required then you should replace the print heads as well.

If the solutions are given in this article do not resolve the issues and your HP Printer not Printing Black chat with experts

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