Freelance writing
It is easier than ever to be a freelance writer (all our writers at Money Under 30 are freelancers). That being said, when you are just starting out it may be difficult to find a writing job that will pay you more than a cent.


Blogging to make money online has grown beyond big business and bustle. Anyone can now build an audience by extracting great content and making a lot of money on their blog. Bloggers also tend to take a personal approach to targeted audiences by comparing and finding information on a company blog.

Businesses use blogs to share information, build audiences, and gain leads and sales. Blogging has endless benefits, such as building industry-leading thinking and improving brand search engine visibility. You can even make $5000 dollars in a day.

Online course

Creating the best online course is hard. You need to be able to get in and out of a particular topic and have the ability (and commitment) to combine that knowledge and write or record your best advice for clients. And, of course, you need to successfully market the lesson once it is done — which is often the hardest part of it all.

There is a reason why online courses have a wide appeal, however. Once the course is created, it accumulates all the benefits of any digital product: the cost of delivering the product to multiple customers is actually zero, without holding back. Compare that with the need to keep a list of all the brands of a portable product and you will find yourself facing a few product-related heads as you measure.

The desire for digital studies and further education exists, too. That is why sites like Udemy and Skillshare are thriving. Your biggest hurdle is actually the web itself, where there are thousands of great resources available for free. And the content throughout the article gets better by the day.

Do small tasks
If you are not used to inventing things, you can still make money online by donating your resources (or woman) to TaskRabbit.

Many of the activities are advertised on TaskRabbit. Many gigs are hoaxes, but some are legal. There are gigs that include computer skills, writing skills, general work, cleaning, etc.

Product placement
If you can get companies to sponsor your videos, or put their products in their videos, you can earn extra money. But you will need to notify YouTube of this product placement, or they may withdraw your partnership. Learn more about how to get rich with 30k?

Create online courses

If you have a specialized area of ​​study, having an online course can earn you a decent amount of money. You will want to start by creating a syllabus — showing a few people, telling them that they think they will learn whatever you are trying to teach. Next, is the time to do your course. Most of them are video-enabled, with worksheets.

When it is time to sell your courses, you can sell them at places like Zippy Courses.

Write an e-book

If you have a topic that you want to write about — as easy as your favorite pastime — writing about it should be easy, and if you can find a site that is willing to buy your book you can collect a little more. money.

You can go through Amazon Kindle Publishing — they will charge you a fee every time you get a sale, but their access is great, so there is a good chance you will sell more copies.

YouTube is a platform that will pay you to watch or have ads on your channel. You will need to create a YouTube channel and expand your audience. We recommend that you start with TubeBuddy to improve your channel. TubeBuddy provides you with resources to get started very quickly.

Earn from Youtube

Many YouTube monetization strategies include eligibility criteria, such as total video views or channel viewers. So on the first day, you will not be able to access all the ways to make money, but if you succeed in the next increase, there is no limit to how much money you can make. If you can make a video, you can also enjoy the benefits of YouTube videos. Just set up a free YouTube channel. Upload quality content to your channel, be consistent and remember that you do not have to be famous to make good money on your channel.

Web Design
Companies are always looking for people who can help them with their websites. You can help them build a business, attract an audience, and have an amazing product image. You can even combine this with skills like SEO and consultation. Business steps require people to set up a website to check their business details.

Even a local businessman needs to set up a website that will advertise their goods or services. Therefore, there are a large number of open services offered in the online marketplace related to web design. With a little skill, you can easily market and make money online in Bangladesh or almost anywhere.

Affiliate Marketing
You may want to blog about a particular popular product or service in western countries. Instead of traditional advertising, you can build relationships with companies and promote their products using special links. By using the related link, you can earn commissions on the market where the product is sold through the link.

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