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Honeymoon in Kanyakumari

The big fat Indian weddings are for the guests, while the honeymoon is for the couples. After months of preparations and planning, couples need time to recover, rejuvenate, and rewind before they can head back to their careers. If you are one of those couples, looking for the perfect honeymoon destination in India, you have come to the right place. Kanyakumari, the Indian peninsula’s southernmost tip is a place to be!

Not many people look at Kanyakumari as a place to visit for a romantic honeymoon which makes it extremely unique and peaceful. Additionally, you can visit this holy town of South India on a shoestring budget.  You can rent a car in Trivandrum with an experienced driver to reach Kanyakumari.

Places to visit in Kanyakumari on a budget!

We have rounded up a list of places you can visit in Kanyakumari without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • The Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Amidst the Laccadive Sea stands the humongous Vivekanand rock. You can easily reach this place by taking a ferry from the mainland to this small island. This place is famous for its unique mandapams and the footprints of goddess Kanyakumari. Enjoy the swift air blowing while the waves make a sweet sound hitting the rock. What can be better than spending an evening here with your beloved!

  • Kanyakumari Temple

This fascinating temple stands where the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea meet. The beautiful deity Bhagavathy Amman, who is believed to be the goddess in the shape of a teenage girl child, sits inside the temple. This is likely the sole temple in India dedicated to the ancient deity.

  • Kanyakumari beach

I’m sure every person has the dream of walking on beach sand, holding hands with the love of their lives. The Kanyakumari beach offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, and that too without any charges!

  • View Tower

The tranquility of the kilometer-long sand-glittering beach, as well as the exquisite hues of twilight and dawn, may all be enjoyed from here! You can take beautiful selfies with your partner with waves dancing in the background.

  • The Local Market

The city’s local market is just a few steps away from the center of the city. You can get everyone and everything at cheap prices if you have basic bargaining skills. You will get souvenirs in the form of regional artwork at good prices here. Why not buy beautiful regional dresses for your partner?

  • Sunset Point

When you’re standing at the confluence of three massive water bodies, the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea, you won’t be able to hold yourself back from enjoying the beauty of the place. This location is nothing less than a paradise for young couples.

The beach offers crystal clear sand with some algae-covered boulders and lovely little water molasses shells. In the area, you could come across merchants selling various sorts of shells for cheap.

  • Thirparappu Falls

The Kodayar river creates this magnificent waterfall. This man-made waterfall is one of the safest waterfalls in India. You can take a nice shower with your partner or go boating in the river. The region’s awe-inspiring flora and fauna, as well as the mighty fall of the waterfall from 50 feet above, are all truly breathtaking!

We are pretty sure you must be convinced to plan a budget honeymoon to Kanyakumari after reading this blog. You can take a taxi to reach Kanyakumari from Trivandrum. The state capital is well connected with all the big cities of India. The taxi fare from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari is also light on the pocket.