Companies switch to a hybrid work setup to cope with the post-pandemic changes, especially with the way businesses operate. Since the hybrid work arrangement is new to almost everyone, well-thought strategies and workplace software are essential to make it work.

Automation technology like the scheduling software allows the company to simplify and streamline workspace and equipment scheduling processes. Now, this office technology has even better because it offers integration with your favorite and valuable data collection software.

What is Scheduling Software with Outlook Integration? 

Outlook has been the first tool for scheduling and managing meetings for many companies. However, it is not ideal for the long-term as it doesn’t meet companies’ requirements. Fortunately, your company’s existing networks can integrate scheduling software with Outlook to make your meeting reservations more fluid and organized.

Desks and room scheduling software with outlook integration allows you to view workspace availability, book it and it will block your linked calendar once done. That way, all your reservations and meeting schedules are manageable in one centralized system.

Furthermore, integrating your scheduling software with other data collection software is beneficial. Creating a reservation requires personal information. Thus the data collection tools will do that for you.

The Benefit of Data Integration Tools for Scheduling Software

The data integration tools like Microsoft Outlook Integration help the scheduling software collect and combine data from different resources for unified viewing. This solution tool works with the primary server, the network of data sources, and the connected users involved in exchanging necessary data information.

The integration of the two tools improves collaboration and unification systems. It enables the employees and managers to manage, store, and access organizational information through a shared network.

5 Usual Data Integration Tools

Office space and equipment scheduling software plus data integration tools mean more frequent and smooth meetings and space management processes. Here are some data integration tools incorporated into scheduling software and how it works.

Scheduling Software with Microsoft Outlook Integration

Microsoft Outlook works as a personal data manager as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Its multi-functional program includes managing tasks and calendars, journal logging, taking notes, and website browsing. Offices usually use it with multi-user software via MS Exchanger or SharePoint interface.

The scheduling software with Outlook integration allows users to book room and desk, schedule a meeting room, manage facility and Microsoft bookings. The Outlook functions for sharing calendars, mailboxes, data collection, and scheduling appointments. Thus, users can combine, plan, and decide for event details by integrating Outlook into the booking software and viewing all in a single screen interface.

Scheduling through Zapier Integration

Zapier integration is an online automation tool that lets users connect to multiple cloud-based software applications and services. It helps in automating the streamlined workflow process between one application to another. It also automates repetitive tasks and allows data sharing across the web.

Scheduling software that collaborates with Zapier App can manage activities coming from the online booking software. It allows the site administrators to keep on track and monitor real-time bookings via a consolidated application management tool. Some of the applications that Zapier allows combining in one platform include Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, email, Social Media, and more.

Zapier integration allows users to view and receive information, team collaboration, reminders, and notifications. Hence, the booking software can notify when a team member book a reservation. Additionally, it allows the workers to plan reservations and know who works or uses specific locations in the office.

Hoteling over Okta Integration 

Okta is a platform that allows users to single sign to all web and mobile applications. An enterprise-grade identity and an access management service allow authorized users to securely access systems, applications, and data needed for any time and any device. Ergo, users do not need to log in on each application as Okta can launch it directly.

The Okta integration with hoteling software helps users avoid repetitive login as their authenticated synced devices can now access the booking software by signing in via Okta. Thus, the employees can now efficiently schedule desks, rooms, workstations, and equipment convenient to every user.

Desk booking software with Microsoft Office 365 Integration

The integration of MS Office 365 is possible with your desk booking software. Once the integration finishes, the users can quickly start the desk booking solution and log in with the company credentials. The authorized users can now enter the Microsoft booking software via MS Office 365 then begin reserving within the system.

Integrate office hoteling app with MS Active Directory

The MS Active Directory allows the scheduling software to integrate seamlessly for just a few clicks. It will enable users in the same office network to access shared information and company devices.

Hence, employees can start booking shared rooms, desks, conference rooms, and even the equipment needed for each reservation. Also, it supports single sign-on, which saves time for the users.


The data integration tools help combine stored data for unified information viewing to an integrated application like scheduling software. Thus, it supports the booking app to carry out its purpose to its fullest, providing a solution for a productive and progressive hybrid workplace.

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