Essential qualities of a good teacher at the best secondary school in KL include expert skills like communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other features of effective teaching include an attractive classroom presence and providing value in real-world learning.

Teachers of international schools in KL also help with online learning, exchange of best practices, and also practice a lifelong love of teaching and upgrading their skills. 

Let’s look at some good qualities of excellent teachers in the best secondary school in KL. 

1 – Qualification of the teaching staff

It is important to note how qualified the teaching staff is in an international school. Most International schools hire teachers who have the right qualifications and skillset to thrive in a diverse environment. In a top school, one will find teachers with postgraduate qualifications in education or areas related to their teaching expertise.

Plus, the teachers are also well-versed in related fields such as special needs, a second language, sports, arts, crafts, and much more.

2 – Excellent teachers who do a lot of research

Finding the right international school in KL with the best teachers is important. It shows that the school has done its research in finding the right candidate for the job. In some of the best secondary schools in KL, teachers are mostly expatriates, so they know they are here to teach and they put in the right kind effort to engage their students.

3 – Good teachers share best practices

The most appealing quality of a good teacher is the willingness to share knowledge and experience with others. Education is a lively task and requires experimentation within the classroom to find out which methods are best for communicating with students.

Being an effective teacher means sharing findings and best practices like technology and tools with students.

4 – Global-minded teachers

In a Secondary school in KL, teachers are exposed to very different cultures from that of their home country. They work with students and families from many different countries and backgrounds. Committed teachers, who have the right kind of training and experiences, still adjust well enough.

Good teachers show that they are willing to accept new values, respect the country of current residence and are truly global-minded in every way.

5- Teachers who are an active part

An international school in KL is more than just a place of education. As everyone knows, international schools provide holistic education and a positive platform to hone existing skills and build on new ones.. In international schools, most students, parents and staff are expatriates and consider the school as their second family.

These schools are a source of many community activities for students, staff and their families. Teachers play an active role in these activities and are also friendly and enthusiastic.

6 – Great teachers build strong relationships with their students

Teachers and students spend long hours in a day together. As such, great teachers show that they care about students and are accessible, enthusiastic and caring. Teachers with these qualities make themselves available to students and parents when they are needed and  always demonstrate their commitment to the international school in KL and its ideologies.

7 – Great teachers engage students in International schools in KL

Helpful teachers are the people that students look up to for the right information. Effective teachers use facts as a starting point, not an endpoint; they ask questions and encourage students to be curious. They ask questions frequently to make sure students are following along at every step.

Teachers are fair in their treatment and try to engage the whole class, and not just a few students who dominate. They keep students inspired with diverse, vibrant perspectives and also create a friendly environment.

8 – Teachers leading in extra-curricular activities

Most of the activities for international school children take place in the school environment. This means that extra-curricular activities are an important aspect of international school life. Teachers are expected to be able to play an active role and support an extracurricular activity that the child wishes to pursue..

It shows that the teachers here have an all-around personality and have a genuine commitment to the school and, more importantly, their commitment to the children outside the classroom.

9 – Ideal teachers are always well prepared and organized

Note that great teachers have clear, well-defined objectives. Competent teachers have lesson plans that give students a clear idea of ​​what they will be learning, their assignments, and the grading policy.

Weekly assignments have learning goals and give students enough opportunity to develop new skills. A dedicated teacher is consistent in grading and hands over assignments and results on time.

10 – Good teachers practise patience

Irrespective of the level, a good teacher has patience which is tested while teaching in school. Whether it’s about managing classroom behaviour, working with peers, or communicating student issues or progress with parents, patience is one of a teacher’s most important skills.

Usually, parents make their own assumptions about their past experiences that they may have in school. Often, teachers need to be more patient with parents than students.


If you are looking for these astounding qualities mentioned above in teachers, you will find them in the best secondary school in KL


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