Educational expenses are skyrocketing across the globe. As there is a transition in technology and the curriculum has more potential now, schools are increasing their prices to compensate for the resources they are providing to the students. Expat parents who move to another country for better work scope expect quality education for their children following an international curriculum.

With global advancement and a shift in the school’s teaching methods, the fee structure is bound to change and increase. However, all that matters here is quality, and if the best Tokyo International school has the right tools to offer quality education, then the price will surely be worth it. Moreover, an advanced nation like Japan provides a suitable environment for the kids in their international preschools in Tokyo that help mold a student’s perspective and personality.

All the Tokyo International Schools have a varying cost and fee structure divided into the entrance or registration fees, building fees, annual fees, etc. All of these contribute to finally making the first-year cost that you need to pay for your child’s enrollment in the school.

This article will state a few international preschools in Tokyo and what they would approximately cost if you admit your child to any one of them.

What is the cost of Tokyo International School?

Here are a few of the best international preschools in Tokyo and their approximate fees structure in a year.

Global Indian International School, Tokyo (GIIS)

GIIS has several branches in different parts of the world, and they have some of the best international preschool curricula. Many ex-pat parents have preferred the school for its world-class infrastructure, teachers’ methods, and resources that effectively shape the students’ personalities. 

The Fees Structure

GIIS has its fee structure divided into three sections for the preschool level kids-

  • Application Fee (Non-refundable)- JPY 20K
  • Tuition Fees (in 4 months/Per Term)- JPY 259,280
  • Building Fee (Per Term)- JPY 31,625

International School, Tokyo (KIST)

Another good IB School on the list is KIST. They believe in offering a safer environment for all international students where they interact and respect children from different backgrounds irrespective of their skin color. They believe in seeding the values of multi-culturalism. 

The Fees Structure

International Preschool Tokyo has its fee structure divided into the following section-

  • Application Fee (Non-Refundable)- JPY 20K
  • Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)- JPY 300K
  • Building Fee- JPY 100K
  • Tuition Fees- JPY 21,50,000

Other miscellaneous expenses depend on the requirement and events. 

Saint Maur International School

Yet another British IB school in Tokyo provides outstanding opportunities to students at the preschool level to enhance their personality and intellect. They believe in offering students quality academic programs and extracurricular activities. 

The Fees Structure

Saint Maur International School has its fee structure divided into the following section for the preschool level kids-

  • Application Fee (One-Time)- JPY 30K
  • Registration Fee (One-Time)- JPY 700K
  • Tuition Fee- JPY 2,610,000
  • Development and Maintenance Fee- JPY 200K

KAIS Elementary & Middle School

They have been enrolling students from different countries since 2014, wherein they provide unique learning experiences to the kids from an early age and develop newer perspectives. They offer students interdisciplinary project-based learning methods to build qualities like responsibility, self-discovery, and discipline. 

The Fees Structure

KAIS preschool has its fee structure divided into the following section-

  • Enrollment Fee (One-Time)- JPY 200K
  • Tuition Fee- JPY 19,99,000

New International School of Japan

They are a dual language-based school that offers an international curriculum and aligns with the Japanese culture. They prepare the students to excel over time and develop skills that turn into potential opportunities for them in the future. 

The Fees Structure

New International School of Japan has its fee structure divided into the following section for the preschool level kids-

  • Entrance Fee (One-Time)- JPY 300K
  • Resource and Facility Support Fee- JPY 200K
  • Tuition Fee- JPY 16,00,000
  • Program Development Fee- JPY 3,50,000


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