Everyone has a different relationship with their parents. Fortunately, I have a good relationship with both of them. The Father is my example, my first love, my inspiration, and everything I have.

If I write it will be a whole series of books about him. I can do anything to be happy, you are my whole life. I am anything today, that is because of my father. He will always be a perfect father to me. No one can ever do what he can for me. Lastly, I love her on the moon and back.
When he dies I will go with him !!

How much do you love your Dad?

I cannot live without my father. My father is the most unselfish person in the world.

  • He assumes responsibility for the family and gets married at a young age because of family pressure.
  • She sacrifices herself to improve her child and her partner.
  • He begins to work part-time to earn money and to take care of his family.
  • He was not a software developer to get a handful and he did not have a Government job, but he does not forget to get a new outfit for the whole festival.
  • No matter what the economic situation, she is giving her child education from pre-school to master’s degree without a break in education.
  • Nowadays, software developers try to commit suicide when the economic downturn or the market collapses.
  • She takes the courage to have two children, without realizing it.
  • Today, people are limited to one child. They face the challenge of raising a single child.
  • He too will have serious problems but he does not associate with anyone, instead, he forgets his pain by drinking in a local bar.
  • He cares for, provides food, shelter, and clothing from childhood to childhood!

Fathers may not like to express many emotions, but they love their children as much as mothers. If you want to show your dad how much you love him. You can remember him in memory of dad shirts.

Take care of him

As your dad grows older, he will likely need extra help from you. Be willing to take care of him, help her at home, and do whatever she needs to be able to do. If you and your dad went fishing, golfing, or playing tennis together when you were younger, do it again. Be determined to meet regularly to enjoy each other’s company.

Share with him

Make sure you share with your dad what’s going on in your life. Whether you tell him or not, he will worry about you. Give him the facts so he doesn’t have to worry a bit. Not only do you get along well with your dad but you also try to get along with your mom and siblings. Dads love to see everyone happy. You may not be able to choose your relatives, but you can choose to be kind to them.

Make time

Your dad is busy. You too. When your father demands time from you, do your best to comply with his schedule. Don’t forget, most of us will spend 20 to 30 years without our fathers.

Remember his birthday

Fathers go about their lives remembering special days or being ridiculed for not doing so. Not to mention how often Father’s special days can be remembered. Make a point of remembering his birthday. When you remember your mother’s birthday, you are also showing love and appreciation for your father. Check out the jewelry for dad who passed away.

Forgive him

Most people can point to something wrong with their fathers. That doesn’t make your dad a bad person; it makes him human. Get over it. Forgive him. Remember that you have done much to be forgiven, too. From time to time, just call your dad and talk. As you get older, this will be greatly appreciated.

Respect culture

Whenever you repeat a family tradition that your father taught you, you show your father that he values ​​what he did for you and that he will take care of you. Whether this is a Sunday dinner, a summer holiday, or a holiday tradition, keep up the good work that your dad did for you.

Ask him anything

Dads like to be needed and appear smart or important. Asking your dad anything (about the weather, his job, how to tie the knot, whatever) will reassure him and show your respect for him.

Dad cares me a Lot

  • To teach all good things and make you a good person in the community.
  • He may not speak good English, but he does not forget to send you to English Medium
  • He may be poor in English grammar, but he is always rich in the grammar of sacrifice for life.
  • He is trying to give you the best she can afford from food to education.
  • He provides education and takes all the financial responsibility for her daughter’s marriage and lobola.
  • It is not a single payment, whenever her husband is in financial trouble she will be there to help.
  • Words are not enough to describe the Father!

Just think of how much your father has sacrificed for you. “You will know about the pain, responsibility, and importance of a father when you become a father.”

Why you should listen to your dad?

You may disregard your father as to his morals and responsibility to provide you with money, education, food, shelter, and clothing, but think for a moment is that what he is obligated to do?

  • Never show you and leave whenever your dad starts yelling at you for teaching you to walk!
  • Most of us will begin to love our father after his death by remembering his sacrifices, but it is too late to show love and affection at that time. So wake up and start loving your dad every day.

Do you need a different day like “Father’s Day” to love your dad or set the status of Whatsapp? Remember, your parents are growing up as you grow older.

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