How many times, do we hear, see, and/ or, witness/ observe, some protestors, claim, it is their right to either, get vaccinated, or not, and/ or, wear a mask? We don’t hear that, when someone, goes to, board – his – dog,

and certain vaccinations, are mandatory!

For decades, when children, originally, begin, attending, school, they have been required, to receive, specific vaccinations, for, things, like polio, whooping cough, measles, etc. So, why does, doing, what sho

uld be considered, the right – thing, when/

if, public health experts, inform us, it is the only way, we will proceed, out of this horrific pandemic? While, nearly, every, public health expert, and scientist, states, taking the shots, and wearing a mask, is the right p

ath, some, self – proclaimed, expert protestors, demand,

what theyToo – Fast A Process

refer to, as their, so – called, freedoms, and/ or, rights! With, that in mind, this art

icle will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of these excuses/ myths, and why, they should be dismissed, because of the preponderance, of the evidence.

1. Too – Fast A Process: One excuse, some use, is they state, the discovery of the vaccine,

has been, too – fast, a process, and not sufficiently, studied/ researched! H

owever, in reality, the methodology, used, by the two major vaccines, in this nation, is referred to, as, mRNA (Messenger RNA). Unlike, many other vaccines, this approach, does not

introduce, a small amount of toxins, to develop immunity, but, rather, using our body’s genetic system, to our advantage. The success rate, and safety, appear, far – superior, to anything, previously, used, for other diseases, etc.

It is not, a new technology, however, but, has been discovered, and researched, for nearly, a decade, after, the health scare, from the SARS infections.

2. Unsupported Claims: We seem to be living, in an era, when, too many, rely on Conspiracy theories, and opinions, instead of research, and expertise/ facts! Some claim, wild – ideas, such as the vaccines,

contain implanted chips, and are an effort, by the government, to control minds, etc! They claim, there are medical/ health dangers, but, provide no proof, of such! Unfortunately, You can’t fix stupid!

3. Masks Harm Our Health: Although, scientists and experts, claim, for the vast –

majority of people (except for very few, with specific, personal, health issues), masks are perfectly, safe, and, masks protect everyone, against, airborne viruses, etc (and, thus, protect, those, who, either, can’t, won’t, or aren’t, yer eligible, for the vaccination), we see protestors, claim, it is their right, to not wear, a mask

! When/ if, doing so, places others, at – risk, is it really, a matter of personal freedom, etc?

4. Bad For Kids: Some parents (although, certainly, a minority), protest, mandatory masks, for their children, within schools. They state wearing a mask, is bad for a kid’s health, and it’s someone’s personal decision!

However, since, we still don’t have any vaccinations, available, for those, under 12, and the current variant, appears, more dangerous, to children, than the original, how does that, make any sense?


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