Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, having a set of tools at is mandatory in order to help you deal with house repairs, fixtures or even little sideline house projects that you may run into such as building a shed for your pet.

Being able to do it yourself also helps you save unnecessary costs or expenses. The right set of tools can turn into a worthy investment in the long run. However, in order to get your hands-on long-lasting tools that survive hard use, make sure you choose good quality ones over the cheaper options. Here’s a list of a few of the must have tools in your garage.

Screwdriver set

When Screwdriver set comes to purchasing screwdrivers, make sure you take a variety of shapes and sizes. Keep your set of screwdrivers together in order to avoid the risk of losing one or the other. Philip heads and flat heads are known to be two of the most commonly used head shapes throughout.

A hammer

Just like Thor’s Mjolnir, a hammer is a crucial tool to every household. Owning a claw hammer would be a wise choice as it can serve both hammering and extracting purposes.  Keep in mind to check out the grip of the hammer so as to be sure it has a comfortable grip on your hand.

Paint accessories

At one point or another you’re going to have to touch up peeling off paint, damaged walls or even start up a project to customize the room walls for your kids! Having certain painting tool and accessories such as paint brush, dry wall knife, putty knife, paint rollers, etc. can prepare you for any paint case scenarios.

A drill

A drill is a tool that you’re going to need almost all the time. Opting for a cordless drill is a much advised option as it is safer and easier to use without a wire getting in your way. From putting up frames to fixing furniture to even building a shed, a drill is a definite must have!

Wrench set

Having a couple of wrenches can come in handy. While owning just a few different sizes can be enough, there’s no harm in having a variety. An Allen wrench set or a hex key set is two of the most preferred choices when it comes to manipulating screws, nut and bolts.

Measuring Tape

Not all projects can be done with an estimation nor is a ruler enough to help you through. An ideal measuring tape would be pocket-sized so as to be able to take it with your around and keep it by your side midst you’re repairing and building task.

A ladder

A ladder is another must have tool when it comes to being a homeowner. Not every angle in or outside the house is within said height. Therefore, having a ladder can help you reach out to places that need repairing or fixing with ease.

These are just few of the many needed tools!


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