The chilly winds are beginning to blow, winters are here after their due cycle and it’s time to say hello to the winter clothes lying at the back of your closet. But wait, you don’t have to put your  Kurtis away! Kurtis are an all-season wear and there’s no way you can’t wear them in winters too! Not only can you wear warm woollen Kurtis but you can also wear your summer Kurtis paired with warm outwear in the season. However, if you’re afraid of your Kurti looking unflattering, you need some styling gyan. 

Let us help you with that with our ultimate guide to styling Kurtis for winter. Below we have some cool ways you can style your Kurti in winters. Also, stay till the end for best online shopping sites for kurtis in india for freezing cold weather. Read on and get ready to do some fashion!

Go for trendy long sleeves

When it’s getting cold outside, you need to cover up. Pick your Kurti wisely and go for a sleeved one that’ll not only keep your arms covered and warm but also make you look more like the season. Long-sleeved Kurtis have their own unique charm, and there are many styles of Kurti that look amazing with long sleeves such as Anarkali, A-lines and band galas in which you’d find plenty of options suitable for winter wear. 

Besides these, you can also find trendy long-sleeved Kurtis like this one from Paislei, one of the best online shopping sites for kurtis in India that features kimono sleeves. An ultimate trendsetter kurti!

Layer it on

If you can’t find a long-sleeved Kurti, no need to worry though, you can layer it with a matching or contrasting layer in the form of an outer piece Kurti or applique work Kurti top or jacket with sleeves. The second layer will add some style to your outfit and will also keep you slightly warm. It’s suitable for your slightly cold winter days when the sun during the day can make the temperature rise. You can easily take the top layer off if you feel too hot.

You can also go with a double layer kurti like this one:

If you have many double-layered kurtas, you can also mix and match them to make trendy outfits for yourself 

Put on a stole or shawl

As the temperature drops and it gets colder, you can add on a warm shawl or stole to your Kurti and enhance its style. Shawls and stoles come in endless beautiful embroideries, designs and patterns that would give your Kurti the style lift it needs.

This way you can also use your summer Kurtis well. If it has a matching dupatta – ditch it during the winters, pair it up with a shawl will give your Kurti some fresh style and there, it becomes a new outfit!

Style with an overcoat

When it’s freezing cold outside, style your Kurti with an overcoat or a jacket that will help you brave the weather while also keeping you looking stylish. For that, choose a matching coat in a complementary colour. You can also go with plain black or blue if you don’t have a colour choice. Coat style long sweaters and cardigans are also an option as they have more colour options.

So, how are you styling your Kurti this winter?

Can’t find any latest designs in your closet? Buy fresh fashion in ethnic wear and Kurtis from Paislei. You’ll find hundreds of designer Kurtis in the trendy collection of one of the best online shopping sites for kurtis in india. If you want to find unique designs in pretty colours, cuts and styles you need to check out the collection. 
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