We all had made it a part of the hilarious conversation to tell our friend, “Your brain has enough fat. Get it transferred to your legs. Look how weak they are!” LOL!

But what if I say such things are possible. Would you believe me? You have to!

But yes, extracting fat from the brain is still an exception…Again LOL!

So let’s dive deep into the procedure!

Is Fat Transfer a Reality?

Fat Transfer is indeed a reality. It is one of the great ways that help you to add volume to the different body parts. During a fat transfer, a liposuction technique is performed. Only the areas with the excess fat like the outer and inner thighs, lips, back, and lower abdomen can be used to graft the fat. The area from which the fat is removed is known as the donor site.

Most often the recipient site in the face. The volume of the face is lost with age. But the Fat Transplantation in Punjab works like a wonder against this.

Where do they work?

This is the procedure which is used to:

  • Fill the under-eye bags

  • Make the cheeks & Chin Plumpy

  • Correct the Creased and the sunken facial areas

What are the benefits of fat transfer?

Apart from increasing the volume, Fat Transplantation in Ludhiana also helps to make your skin rejuvenated with the several nutrients which help your skin with a youthful appearance. Not only the face but the other areas of your body like hands, Buttocks, Breasts, and Lips can also get benefited from the fat injections.

What is better: Fat Transfers or Fillers?

The answer to this question is subjective in each case. If talking about the fillers, they are less invasive and do not require any recovery time. But if we are talking about fat transfer, it is a surgical procedure that may be deemed as the natural option since the fat from one part of the body is transferred to the other part. Since fat transfer allows the body to gain volume naturally, this procedure does not contain any side effects and complications.

What happens during the procedure?

The first thing the doctor decides here is, “Which recipient site is to be taken into account for the fat extraction.” After the decision is done and the fat is extracted, it will be put into the centrifuge. The centrifuge will make the fat cells separate. These cells will then be injected into the area in need of the fats.

How long does it take for the procedure to be accomplished?

It is again different in each case. The time taken by the procedure to get accomplished depends upon the total fat removed and to be transplanted to the desired area. The facial fillers take about two or three hours whereas the other areas take about five hours.

Final Comments!

If you also want to undergo fat transplantation, then please contact the cosmetic surgeons of the Profile Forte or Profile Cosmetic Surgery. They’ll help you to get through this way.


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