Couples struggle over the challenges of cohabitation, children and careers. And if one of them doesn’t compromise and tries to subside the chronic effects, it can lead to home-wrecking situations. Poverty, abrupt financial crisis and social Darwinism cause emotional dysfunction. It gradually leads to shaming and blaming each other. The hate does not ebb; it multiplies.

To protect your family from shattering due to money problems, it is better to reach out to financial law firms such as Davidson and Co. Dubai. They will provide you with alternatives and solutions to save your jobs and businesses. They will help you overcome the indifference towards a downward trend in your savings that steal your family’s wellness.

Otherwise, you will find yourself having a hard time understanding the legal process of divorce. Different disturbing thoughts will ignite like a flame in your mind and might make decisions based on the misconceptions and myths about how the divorce process works.

Here, we are busting some common divorce process myths that will help you:

Myth 1: If you are famous, you will get a quick divorce.

Not true. This myth flourished on the horizon because social media displays celebrity breakups and divorces as a quick process. However, all divorces follow the same process. There is no fast or short-cut route.  You cannot throw away extra money in the air or hire a beast lawyer to issue the final document, the Decree Absolute, quickly.

The only solution to speeding up the process is through cooperation with the other party. You can assure that all the documents contain accurate information and are delivered in person rather than being posted.

Moreover, once you have submitted the divorce petition, it takes around three to five months to finalize. Experienced lawyers in family law often recommend finalizing the finances before issuing Decree Absolute.

Myth 2: My spouse does not agree to a divorce, so I can’t get divorced.

TV often illustrates this scenario, but it is not true. You don’t need to be in agreement with your spouse to file for a divorce. It does not end here. The TV shows have created a fictional world where the spouse walks the Earth feeling caged, waiting indefinitely for a response after the third party has served the divorce papers.

Suppose you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the divorce paper and have lived apart for more than a year. In that case, you can apply for a contested divorce. If you are following the process correctly, the judge can grant you a divorce depending on the court’s evidence.

Myth 3: Child custody goes with the mother.

Not true. It was a thing of ancient times when the mother enjoyed the privilege in terms of child custody during the resolution of the divorce. However, as time is constantly moving like a whirlpool, the law is shifting as well. Nowadays, the court focuses on the welfare of the children and involves their preferences while finalizing the decision.

Moreover, both mother and father enjoy equal entitlement in the child custody subject matter. The judge concludes who can provide the child with the best financial and emotional support for the child’s welfare.

Myth 4: Prenups are only for the rich and famous people.

It was a thing of the old that prenuptial or premarital agreements were commonplace among celebrities and socialites. A competent specialist family lawyer drafts the details of the prenuptial agreement. The couple signs the agreement before the wedding during good times.

A family court can uphold the agreement if anyone challenges it, assuming that the partners have disclosed their financial circumstances to each other. Hence, prenups provide certainty and financial support. You don’t have to stress about your life financially after the divorce. They are relevant and secure for the couples in which one partner has inherited the wealth or where there are children from the first marriage.

Thinking About Ending Your Toxic Marriage?

You think that if you move out of the house, you will lose it in the divorce, or the court will issue a decision in favor of your spouse because he/she has a considerably hefty bank account. These scenarios are TV-shows-created and can only be eliminated if you consult a reliable law firm in Dubai. You have the right to a legal representation that is fair, honest and provides complete guidance to help you make rational decisions. Moreover, consult your lawyer to find out more accessible alternatives and what is common in your country.


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