Cosmetic business has grown since the origination of it. The products like base, mascara, highlighters have been used since centuries ago. The ancient Egyptians used several products to enhance the beauty of oneself. The basic purpose of cosmetic items is to enhance the beauty of people. The makeup products are one of the most used products of cosmetics by several million women all around the world.

There are other products that cosmetic business has to offer, which people use on a daily bases. The products like soap, shampoo, moisturizing lotions, and perfumes are used widely by almost all the people around the world.

For the products of makeup, certain measures are taken to ensure the safety like the use of makeup boxes. The main reason for the use of these cases is for the safety of the product, the secondary reason is to market the product in an enhanced manner. Women absolutely love these boxes as much as they love their items of cosmetics. Other than the boxes, it is the brush inside these boxes, which get attention of women, and there are several type of brush, which attract women.

This section is all about the type of brushes, which women love. There are several different types and uses of these diverse brush styles. Some of the loveliest ones are as follows:

1. Foundation brush

Every routine of makeup usually starts by the use of these amazing brushes. It is difficult to apply the foundation without using the proper brush; therefore, these foundation brushes are manufactured. There are two types of foundation brushes, one is like a paintbrush, and the other one has a top, which is flat. The best brush for the foundation is the one that has straight and flexible bristles, which can be applied on the face by the use of foundation.

2. Concealer brush

These brushes are specifically made to apply the concealer on the face after the foundation is applied. The best brush that women completely adore and get attracted to is the one that is small. Actually, it looks the same like a foundation brush but is very small and is denser than a paintbrush.

3. Powder brush

The powder brushes are used after the appliance of base to set everything with layers of powder. These loose layers are the main reason that helps the makeup to stay in one place for a flawless look. This is why women love this brush. This brush is large, and fluffy. It has a shape of a dome to make sure that the makeup is evenly dispersed on the face. The custom printed makeup boxes comes with these brushes inside the box.

4.    Contour brush

Contouring is a process in makeup, which gives the face a natural sculpted look. The only way it can be done perfectly is by the use of a contour brush. Contouring has a special importance while making up and therefore, these brushes are adored by women. It is almost the size of a blush brush but has dense and angled bristles, which will definitely create an exact contour application.

5.    Highlight brush

This brush looks very separate from most of the other types of brushes that are used in makeup. The shape of these brushes are like a fan and it consists of thin bristles. The shape of fan allows the user to apply the glow evenly on the cheekbones. Highlighter is one of the trendiest makeup items at this point of time; therefore, it is obvious that women love the highlighter brushes.

6.    Eye shadow brush

There are several different types of brushes when it comes to creating an intricate look of the eye shadow. The brushes for applying the eye shadow are usually very small and dense than all other types of brushes. Small size is mainly for the perfection of applying these shadows on eyes precisely and this is why women are into these brushes.

7.    Eye Liner brush

These brushes are small, sharp, and the best to apply liner on the edges of the eyes. The overwhelming designs that these brushes can create after perfection make them stand out above all the other brushes. It has very dense bristles and is extremely small tip, which is the main reason for the love of women. The custom makeup boxes wholesale for the eye shadows, mascara, and liner mostly come with these brushes inside the packaging.

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