SAP Business One has a plethora of features carefully curated to suit the diverse needs of organizations in different industries. The cost of the tool is not a fixed factor. To really understand the cost of SAP Business one, factors about how much recurring cost would be involved and what you would be paying upfront, talk to a Business One consultant today. But before that comes the big question – what exactly do you get for the price you pay for Business One? If you already have an ERP infrastructure in your organization will it be worth switching over to SAP Business One?

Key Features That Make SAP Business One a Worthy Investment 

When you finally set aside a budget for SAP Business One there are three main types of costs to bear in mind – implementation costs, cost of licences and the cost of training and transitioning the existing processes. If you do not have a suitable infrastructure for SAP Business One deployment you might also have to consider the cost of purchasing essential hardware and other components. With all this money spent in so many elements here are some key features of Business One that your business can benefit from – 

  • Automation is the number one benefit that most businesses like about this tool. Some local ERP solutions might be able to offer part automation but with SAP  you get to think about the future of automation with the end-to-end capabilities it brings. This would be suitable for businesses who are focus on their long-term growth. 
  • Better sales and better customer handling too – just by making a sale happen your business would not attain its objective. The key is to make sales happen repeatedly. The key is customer engagement for a better retention rate. When your business relies on Business One solutions, keeping accurate records of customer behavior would be easy. You would also be able to continuously improve customer experience by offering timely customer care services and quick turn around time to all kinds of customer grievances. Along with this comes the indirect benefit of being able to identify potential market settings and narrow down target audience based on multiple inputs. As a result your business will also be able to target leads that actually convert. Lead generation and acquisition of new customers become easier with Business One’s customer management modules. 
  • Continuous upgrades make the cost of SAP Business One a worthy investment. This is also why it is a reliable solution for the fast-paced markets. Some startups might start small but attain rapid growth. For these rapidly evolving businesses Business One comes with an inherent agility. You would be able to continuously monitor the performance of your ERP solutions and add or remove modules as and how your business requires. This would mean complete flexibility to choose your budget while also getting all the features that you are looking for. 
  • One main benefit that sets Business One apart from the other local ERP solutions is the extensive business intelligence insights businesses can get out of it. This takes a deeper understanding of the business processes and accurate analysis of the business performance. Some small businesses might not have the budget to set aside for a full-fledged analytics tool. But this would be a stage where any business intelligence inputs can help them survive. And emerge out of competition and establish their business firmly. This is where the money spent on Business One would be an investment that brings the benefits of two solutions in one. Lumira is a popular module in Business One that is used for business analytics. You get to decide the metrics based on which you would like periodic reports to be generated. There is a straightforward dashboard that gives a snapshot of the business performance. Strategic planning becomes easier even for businesses who are still in their early stages in the market. With better visualizations provided by this module businesses can fine-tune their processes and be ready for scaling their infrastructure. 

Numerous such benefits that you get at the cost of SAP Business One are not available with local ERP solutions. There is also the huge benefit of convenient after-sale service with Business One purchase. Technical support and timely improvements all make this an ERP solution worth considering. 


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