There are so many options and decisions that must be made with having a pet horse. One that many horse owners are having a trouble with is on whether they should consider having a horse blanket or not. 

This is of course understandable since it is not a cheap hobby to commit to and that having a horse as pet is surely costly. Many people are always asking whether they have to buy such items for their horses. And the answer to that is this. You have to look into these factors first before you purchase your horse blanket. 


One of the major factors to consider in such a decision is the climate where the horse is housed. Take note that one of the reasons for such a blanket is for the horse to be kept warm during winter or autumn, meaning cold is the problem in which the blanket is the solution. 

The climate is different from country to country and even between regions. Thus, it is important to note if your climate is one that has really hold seasons. If not then there are other factors for the horse blanket yet you’d have to gauge it for yourself if such is worth the cost. 

Clipped Horses

Horses has their natural hair which protects them during cold weather. It generally becomes puffy creating more spaced I between hairs therefore trapping the heat near the horses’ body. Caribu horse rugs are used by horse owner when they clip the horse’s hairs early on thus having no natural insulators. The horses are exposed to extreme cold temperatures, so a horse rug is needed. One of the reasons why horses are clipped are the lice and ticks. Other parasites that might attach to the horse during cold or rainy seasons. 

Housing and Cage

There are other horse owners who opt not to use blankets but they have a rather sophisticated means to cover for that cold temperature problem. What they use is a specialized heater that is installed on the barn or near the horse’s cage that keeps the horses warm. 

They also build specialized housing for horses which has double insulated walls. They are made to withstand extreme cold weather such as sever snow or rain storm. The housing and cage accounts for the insulation thus no more blankets are needed. Many still advice of having rugs because of other factors that might affect the horse. 

Horse Breed 

There are horse breeds that are pretty much adept to high temperature or extreme low temperatures. Some needed such specialized rugs and some don’t because their body can withstand the seasons. But one way to look at it is to get to know your horse well. 

You cannot just assume based on hearsay on what is and what isn’t good for the horse. You have to check with a specialist when it comes to horse breeds and their attributes and capabilities. 

Do not over think a scenario if you, as the horse’s owner or caretaker. Thinks that the horse will somehow soon need a blanket then purchase one for the horse, if not, then don’t. The last thing you will ever need in such venture is to become paralysed in your decision for your beloved pet.


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