Amusement parks are fun. People of all ages like to visit amusement parks at least once or twice a year. Everyone loves amusement park rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, Ferris wheels, and more. However, these rides can sometimes leave you with physical injuries and mental trauma. 

Many people suffer from mild to severe injuries while enjoying rides in amusement parks. 

The injuries in amusement park accidents range from mild bruises to severe traumatic brain injuries, and in some cases, an accident may lead to death. 

An injury in an amusement park due to negligence or wrongdoing of a person in charge can lead to severe damage. In such cases, a person may contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys to get compensation for the injuries they faced. The lawyer can help with the legal claim and fight on your behalf. The negligence that caused you financial and mental burden should be held accountable. 

Common amusement park injuries: 

All those spinning, flying, and twirling rides are fun, but they can result in mild to severe injuries. These injuries include: 

  1. Fractures. 
  2. Severe brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries. 
  3. Whiplash and neck injuries. 
  4. Spinal cord and back injuries. 
  5. Bruises and cuts. 
  6. Water rides may result in drowning accidents. 
  7. Damage to soft tissues- tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 

You may look out for immediate medical attention if you have met with an accident. Early medical attention can help a person stay away from long-term complications. 

Causes of amusement park injuries. 

An amusement park injury can be caused due to various reasons. However, the most common reported causes of injuries have been mentioned below:

  1. Failure in following rules of a specific ride. Also, passengers may misuse some rides or show reckless behavior. 
  2. Failure in maintaining rides and inspection. 
  3. Damaged or malfunctioning rides. 
  4. Slip and fall accidents can result due to slippery or uneven surfaces. 
  5. Absence of experts supervising a ride or lack of training for ride operators. 
  6. Mechanical failures in a ride. 
  7. Inherent dangers of a ride. For example, a roller coaster, in which a person has whipped around in numerous directions at a very fast speed. 

If you have been a victim of an amusement park accident and suffered from any loss or damage, you must contact your lawyer to help you get the deserved compensation. Your lawyer may help you get compensation for the following:

  • Medication or medical assistance. 
  • Loss of income. 
  • Physical injury or suffering. 
  • Permanent disabilities (paralysis). 
  • Mental and emotional damage. 
  • Other out-of-pocket damages. 


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