UV printing technology has evolved significantly in recent years. Print heads are more accurate, production is faster, the color gamut is wider, and the opacity of white ink is better. If you’re considering investing in a UV printing solution, with all the options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Do you need a built-in cutting feature? You prefer primary inks for better media compatibility or dual white inks for greater speed?


Why companies choose UV 

Versatility of supports

With few exceptions, UV inks can be printed directly onto virtually any substrate, resulting in excellent quality and long-lasting results. Sign manufacturers can print directly on signs, eliminating several steps in the application process, and promotional product manufacturers can offer a wide range of products with logos printed directly on the surface. 

Increased productivity  

With other technologies, the turnaround time of a print job may be limited by the ink drying time. UV ink is instantly cured by curing using UV lamps built into the print head. By removing this restriction, it is possible to significantly increase your workflow. 

Varnish, matte or glossy finish

The varnish adds texture to the print result, giving the effect of a relief / 3D print. This is not just a superficial highlight, but a real business advantage allowing sign makers to print in Braille or packaging companies to simulate expensive techniques such as embossing. 


Compact UV printers LEF2 

If you need to print directly to objects – large or small, singly or in batches – a tabletop / compact UV printer is the ideal place to start. The LEF2 range ranges from the large LEF2-300 * to the LEF2-200 and the LEF-12i, an entry-level UV printing solution.

* The LEF2-300D is an alternative model with a deeper bed for printing larger objects

Typical uses

  • Personalization of small items like key chains, phone cases  and USB sticks.
  • Customize larger objects like boxes, control panels or laptops.
  • Production of signs , wall decorations and POS displays.

Which model to choose?

Which model is best for you depends on the size or volume of the objects you want to print on, as well as how much space you have in your premises. 

If you have the space and sufficient demand from your customers, it is usually better to invest in a larger model, which will allow you to grow in the future.  


LEC2 Roll-to-Roll Printers / Cutters

LEC2 UV printers / cutters

Printers/cutters have transformed the way digital printers operate by delivering exceptional quality, superior productivity, and (most importantly) versatility. The LEC2 range includes the larger LEC2-640 and the more compact LEC2-330 * which can be paired with optional accessories for greater media compatibility. 

Typical uses 

  •  Stickers upscale  with selective varnish and precise details. 
  •  Specialized signage and POS in high opacity white ink. 
  •  Packaging prototypes  with simulation of effects. 

Which model to choose?

If you already use an eco-solvent printer/cutter, investing in a UV printing and cutting solution like the LEC2 series will benefit you greatly. Both models can produce the same high quality, but the size you choose will depend on the space available and your customer demand. 

For companies looking for greater media compatibility (creating packaging prototypes, for example), accessories are only available for the LEC2-330. These include an extension table for semi-rigid cartons (ET-30) and a tension bar for very thin films (TB-30).

LEC2 S-Series UV Flatbed Printers 

LEC2 S-Series UV Flatbed Printers

The LEC2 S Series is a direct flatbed printing solution for large format applications. Due to the great interest in this technology in many sectors, several models are available. The S Series are equipped with the LEC2 printer, positioned on a conveyor belt or on a flat table (available in several sizes).  

Typical uses

  • Personalization of objects on a larger scale than the LEF2 range. 
  • Personalization of large objects such as table tops, doors or computer bags.  
  • Produce large format signs with less post-production. 

 Which model to choose?

All models can provide 20cm of clearance between printhead and base. They are therefore suitable for large objects or thick materials (as well as standard media). It is a highly customizable solution, designed to accommodate many businesses. This is why which model is best for you will depend on your workflow. 

We recommend that you contact an Industrad Group DG expert to find the most suitable solution for your business. 

IU-1000F Flatbed UV Printer 

IU-1000F Flatbed UV Printer

It is designed to help companies in the printing industry increase their competitive advantage by dramatically increasing their speed and capabilities. Its speed alone is impressive, but configuring the inks with a built-in primer, high-opacity white ink, and super-adhesive CMYK gives it a range of media that’s hard to beat. 

Typical uses

  •  Production of large format signs on an industrial scale. 
  •  Printing panels for exhibition stands or installations. 
  •  Direct printing on the windows. 

Why choose this printer? 

If you need to print directly to large panels as quickly as possible and without compromising print quality, the IU-1000F is a powerful solution. You have room in your premises and the investment is within your reach, this device could be the key to helping your business outperform the competition. 

Still having doubts? 

We have covered the main applications of these devices, but our customers continue to surprise us with unexpected creations. If you need a direct-to-object or plate printer, contact us and we’ll help you identify the best solution for your business. 


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