Cakes are one such kind of classic dessert which doesn’t need any introduction. There are different kinds and flavours of cakes that one can choose to order cake online in Ghaziabad. Across various special occasions, cakes are much needed. Any kind of celebration would be incomplete without marking it over some scrumptious baked cake. Here are a few cakes that you must try in your lifetime and keep on trying them again and again for the very reason that they are sure to make you happy.

  1. New York Baked Cheesecake

    – If you believe dreams do come true, then this is it. This classic dessert is sure to make you a big fan of itself with its creaminess
  2. Banana cake with cream cheese

    – If dry cakes which are a little less sweet than any other cake are on your mind, then this banana cake loaded with cream cheese frosting will be just perfect for you.
  3. Chocolate Coconut Cake

    – To know how well chocolate compliments coconut you gotta try this cake out. The flaky coconut shavings blend well in a moist chocolate cake.
  4. Walnut Carrot Cake

    – You would never know how beautifully a vegetable can be used to make a cake until you try out this one. Topped off with lots of walnuts, this cake has a perfect sweet and nutty flavour.
  5. Flourless Orange Cake

    – The citrus punch of orange added to the cake takes the entire taste and flavour of the cake to a whole new next level. It makes perfect sense to relish this cake sweet yet tangy delicacy even in the morning.
  6. Lemon Yoghurt Cake

    – With the use of yogurt this cake turns into a fluffier version of any other cake. The lemon zest added to compliment the taste and feel of this cake is what makes it super special.
  7. Sponge Cake

    – There would be absolutely no one who can deny falling in love with this cake. It’s light, minimalistic and can be easily whipped up across any special occasion.
  8. Chocolate cake

    – People of every age group love to just grab a bite of chocolate cake. There are many flavours of chocolate cake, to speak of and each one of chocolate cakes is sure to melt anyone’s Heart.
  9. Red Velvet Cake

    –  Red is the colour of love, hence red velvet cakes always are in trend when it’s time to make someone feel special on birthdays, anniversaries and on Valentine’s day. The creamy layers of red velvet cakes are sure to leave you drooling.
  10. Coffee Cake

    – Bakers all around the world came up with something as interesting. As coffee cakes to spread the love of caffeine or the aroma of coffee beans. Coffee cakes are a major hit across all the people who love to drink this beverage. These are one of the most selling cakes of all time.
  11. Black Forest Cake

    – Originally made with authentic cherry liquor, those black forest cake has got its roots in Germany’s Schwarzwald gateau. It is an exotic dessert that is loved by people all over the world.
  12. Layer Rainbow Cake

    – A major hit across kids birthday parties, this layer rainbow cake passes good, positive vibes across festivities. It is indeed an impressive creation.

You can easily find the recipe of these cakes online as well as can choose to order it from some reputed online/ offline bakery.


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