The purpose of this blog is to shed light on the misconceptions associated with corporate vending machines to help promote a healthy workplace culture where employees feel comfortable making healthy decisions. There are many benefits of providing snacks at work, including improved productivity.

Read on to bust the popular myths associated with vending machines.

Myth#1: Vending Machines Cause Health Problems

Vending machines have been considered to be responsible for many issues, including obesity and low concentration levels. This myth is the most popular and widely believed. A recent study showed that snacks served at work increase productivity because they allow employees to concentrate for longer periods without getting distracted.

snacks in a vending machine

Myth#2: People Lose Money on The Machines

A common reason why some businesses can’t money by installing a vending machine at work is that they fail to maintain the vending machines and keep them stocked with both profitable and healthy options.

However, many companies have made quite a bit of money from installing and maintaining vending machines. These businesses often receive all their profits within the first year of installing their vending machines.

Myth#3: Vending Machines Are a Burden to Maintain

While it’s true that there are some maintenance costs associated with installing a vending machine, these costs are often manageable. In most cases, it’s enough to simply hire a professional who specializes in vending machines or call the company which sold you your machine and ask them for recommendations on an affordable maintenance plan.

The cost of this plan will be a lot less than you might think and can easily be justified when considering all of the benefits provided by your office vending machine.

Myth#4: Vending Machines Offer Genetically Engineered Food

There’s some truth to this myth. Vending machines indeed provide pre-packaged food items that are easy to eat and convenient for the average office worker.

Although a lot of these snacks indeed come in pre-packaged containers. They are not genetically engineered in any way at all. Many of them have been tested by organizations such as the FDA and the USDA before approval.So you don’t need to worry !

We are glad to burst the above myths for you. Half knowledge is actually quite dangerous. We believe in conveying knowledge that is 100 percent fact based. With Vending Easy, our mission is to create easiness for all the employees and make office life fun.

Vending machines are of great benefit and we will keep bringing you more interesting facts and benefits of vending machine.

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