You can use any solar mounting system for your home or commercial building. All you need to look for is plenty of sunlight on the roof or the ground. It is also important to figure out the land cost as real estate comes at a premium in most urban areas and cities. Again, if the rooftop doesn’t get enough sun rays, then your solar system will not work as efficiently as you may have thought. It also means that the batteries will not get charged up fully.

If you are sure the sun rays directly fall on your house rooftop, you can easily go for a highly efficient, cost-effective solar system from MIBET. If there is enough land around the house, you may think of having a ground-mounted solar system that you can easily extend in the future. It is by far the best idea to install a solar system from a reliable manufacturer as it surely reduces your grid power electricity bill. If you wish to find out more about different solar systems, click here at to place your order.

Solar Mounting System for Tiled Roofs

A quality solar PV system array can be mounted on rooftops with the help of local technicians. If you buy a solar system from MIBET on the above site, their technicians will guide you through their satellite positioning measurements and computers. MIBET is one of the top solar system manufacturers and is the leading pv system supplier in China.

It is very simple to install solar modules of photovoltaic cells on rooftops and tiled roofs. However, the tiled roof needs a little different type of solar system than flat rooftops. If you wish to install a solar system for your angled roof, the most common types are the railed, rail-less, and shared rail. All such systems need some penetration into the roof in one way or another.

Aluminum ballast mounting types are best for concrete roofs, although slightly expensive. The least expensive type is the Flush mounts that are easy to install and laid flat on the top. In the case of a tile roof solar mounting system, a lightweight design is better as too much weight can be risky on tiles. It is better to choose a reliable solar racking supplier like MIBET, who can deliver the right type of module with a warranty of 10 years, although all its products last for more than 25 years without much maintenance.

Installing a Tiled Rooftop Solar System

Usually, you need a lightweight solar system for a tiled roof as a heavy module may break the tile. In this case, rails are bolted to the brackets to support the panels. Next, the panels are attached to the rails using a series of specialized designed clips that bolts the edges. The cable is then fed through the roof and connected to the inverter.

Your tiled roof system should be from an authentic source and from a site that has been in this business for decades. Again, the tile roof mounting bracket should be strong and lightweight to keep the system in place even during the worst weather conditions.

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